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1.Canada VintageBeef6,636,306
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4.Germany DiePixelHelden5,937,771
5.United States HIboostRaceClubRAWHD5,326,827
6.Germany LPN054,794,857
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1.United Kingdom rockinchimp246
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3.Germany DiePixelHelden199
4.United States TC9700Gaming173
5.Switzerland D. Sascha155
6.Poland MotoGamesTV150
7.France Mangalore129
8.Brazil Gallimano124
9.Brazil ZoiooGamer116
10.United States testdrive426108

Latest Let's Plays For Forza Horizon

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-04-18Germany DiePixelHeldenFORZA HORIZON 4 #198 - Italienisch serviert - RTDT - Let's Play Forza Horizon 434:247,48399.49%
2019-04-17Germany LPN05Maximaler Grip! Adventure mit der Community #3 - FORZA HORIZON 4 MULTIPLAYER | Lets Play23:481,48095.95%
2019-04-12Germany HeideltrautFORZA HORIZON 4 - Kostenloser Porsche - Let's Play Forza Horizon 413:211,09796.84%
2019-04-08Canada BCZICAN GamingForza Horizon 4 Weekly Seasonal Event With SUBS5:48:3268794.12%
2019-03-24United Kingdom rockinchimp1973 Renault Alpine A110 1600S Review (Forza Horizon 4)7:3126100.00%
2019-03-20Germany GermanCommentGamerALLE VERFOLGEN MICH! - Cops vs Racers I Forza Horizon 4 Online #05324:5271996.77%
2019-03-04United Kingdom Nerdtastic HDFORZA HORIZON 4 Gameplay Part 2 - Keep On Winning!!17:597100.00%
2019-03-02Germany Kalimbo_Com_TVForza Horizon 4 Daryl sprengt das Horizon Festival #234:47:2514284.62%
2019-02-27United Kingdom STEVEtheP1R4TE Gaming2014 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 - FORZA HORIZON - Sound Comparison4:13144100.00%
2019-02-08Switzerland D. SaschaForza Horizon 4 - 1988 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV - Sprint on Sea3:0323100.00%
2019-02-02Germany WLANLANDFORZA HORIZON 4 | Meine TOP 5 Fahrzeuge |17:42175100.00%
2019-01-20United Kingdom PureChaosXForza Horizon 4 - Part 3130:4412
2019-01-18United States BINGH0STForza Horizon 4 - Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 | Gameplay6:1873489.74%
2019-01-13Germany RevengerLPForza Horizon -Neue Fahrzeuge im Autopass?!-🎮 #13 🔴 [Deutsch-Facecam] ♥1:43:16123100.00%
2019-01-01Indonesia HotStoneChannelANOTHER WINTER RACE - FORZA HORIZON 4 PART 3 LETS PLAY16:5613100.00%
2018-12-18Australia Ericship 111Forza Horizon 4 - Lamborghini Aventador J vs Aventador LP700-4 | Fortune Island Challenge!14:2213,79196.48%
2018-12-14 KnogginatorForza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Lets Play #530:414250.00%
2018-12-10Switzerland RPG TeddyDRIVING A BUGATTI OFF A CLIFF! | Let's Play Forza Horizon 4 (EP.3)9:4724100.00%
2018-12-04Germany GamersHeavenTV - Zocken mit TwistForza Horizon 4 - Subaru Impreza - Street Rally - PC Gameplay2:5611100.00%
2018-12-03Canada AR12GamingForza Horizon 4 Let's Play : FINISHED THE GAME!! (Part 31)17:5792,69497.93%
2018-11-28Russian Federation DENIS GRINGOFORZA HORIZON 4. LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LP 610-4 20147:0911
2018-11-18United Kingdom Gaming Grandpalets play forza horizon 4 - time to drive - buckle up1:27:5976100.00%
2018-11-18Germany BremsplattenFORZA HORIZON 4 | 013 | Nochmal!!! - Let's Play Forza Horizon 436:272
2018-11-04France FTHYForza Horizon 4: Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4! 1080p60FPS12:012,459100.00%
2018-10-24Germany Kaerge LPWie man einen Hecktriebler stabilisiert - Forza Horizon 4 Tuning Guide [DEUTSCH|HD]14:55527100.00%

Latest Reviews For Forza Horizon

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
5 days agoUnited Kingdom rockinchimp2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Review (Forza Horizon 4)8:334100.00%
2018-11-22 WhitelightForza Horizon 4: An In-Depth Review28:3416,34596.94%
2018-10-13Portugal ThePurpleguy123SUPER Serious Forza Horizon 4 Review4:1010,14395.51%
2018-10-10United States Red Rhino MusicForza Horizon 4 Review - Should you Skip, Wait, or Buy?7:2372100.00%
2018-10-01Ireland Game-SmackForza Horizon 4 Review5:3683100.00%
2018-09-25United States MIDNIGHTSKYWOLFForza Horizon 4 Demo Review11:5568100.00%
2018-09-25United States King's Blood GamingForza Horizon 4 review scores rekindles the LOVE XBOX FANBOYS ONCE HAD FOR METACRITIC | I TOLD YOU4:501,37485.38%
2018-09-25United Kingdom VideoGamerTVForza Horizon 4 Review14:222,40089.77%
2018-09-25United States Generation PlayForza Horizon 4 Review - A drifters dream!5:53427100.00%
2018-09-25Canada COGconnectedForza Horizon 4 Review - Racing Fit For a King6:323,24993.64%
2018-09-19Sweden RickyBrosh RacingForza Horizon 4 Demo - First Impressions and random thoughts (Not a review)10:1988798.25%
2018-08-24United Kingdom ::: HammerStudiosGaming :::FORZA HORIZON 1 - Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG REVIEW8:293,00294.92%
2018-06-11Poland MotoGamesTVAll Forza Horizon Games E3 Trailer Announcements (2012 - 2018)7:39313,25798.86%
2018-03-17United States Vertexgaming[4K] Forza Horizon Review | Xbox One X vs Xbox One vs Xbox 360 | Forza Horizon Xbox One x Enhanced5:2422,66092.77%
2018-03-01 Skycaptin5lolForza Horizon Xbox One X Gameplay Review20:0243685.71%
2017-01-06Afghanistan LikosGamingForza horizon Review4:302366.67%
2016-10-31United States Michael MacasianoForza Horizon 1 | Guest Controller Review10:1518100.00%
2016-09-27United Kingdom EKDrifter458759HP CRAZY CENTENARIO TOP SPEED RUN & REVIEW!! | Forza Horizon Fuelled Up! Ep.1122:3130,75395.37%
2016-05-25 Gamekings VaultForza Horizon Review10:1921680.00%
2014-11-24 Persion GameClassic Game Room FORZA HORIZON review part 16:487
2014-11-11 Nippton2015 Lamborghini Veneno Forza Horizon 2Gameplay Review Testdrive Top Speed1:45265100.00%
2014-10-07 XefeForza Horizon Car Review - Lamborghini Urus (1080p Gameplay And Upgrade Tips)15:431,40557.14%
2013-09-14 Paul WalkerForza Horizon review Burning rubber) Man5:1132
2013-07-27United States Ignorant GamerzForza Horizon Review42:5081100.00%
2013-03-06United States Maka91ProductionsForza Horizon - 2012 Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG - March Meguiar's Car Pack - Gameplay & Review3:524,76693.55%