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Monster Hunter Rise

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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan タカティン101,229,497
2.Germany Team Darkside90,239,333
3.Japan Mハシ81,620,770
4. RageGamingVideos78,197,740
5.Japan 茶々茶(chachacha)75,643,815
6.Japan CapcomChannel66,084,949
7.Japan いぬねこ59,699,087
8.Japan よしなま59,102,467
9.Japan ガンサーの抹茶46,799,673
10.Japan 桜ころみん coromin Ch45,574,493

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Japan きょうのTRNGS2,109
2. RageGamingVideos1,421
3.Colombia RagnaroK1,271
4.Japan まーこ/Mahco.1,247
5.Japan しの(shino)1,246
6.Hong Kong せんとげーむ / Cent Games1,208
7. とある宇宙人の冒険記録1,128
8.United States MihuKat1,110
9.Japan クロ と みん1,067
10.United States Nintendo Sphere1,053

Latest Let's Plays For Monster Hunter Rise

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoPhilippines Daddy RaffMonster Hunter Rise gameplay - XBOX Series S24:585
1 day ago Nogard[MHRS] Monster Hunter Rise SunBreak [Switch]: Helping! Off the Beaten Path11:417
2 days ago sckchuiMonHun Rise playthrough #195: MR Shagaru Magala37:233
2 days agoJapan 【ななついろチャンネル】VTuber・ゲーム・鉄道模型・イラスト・音楽制作・小説【T.MONDEN】【ゲーム配信】PS5◆056 MONSTER HUNTER RISE SUNBREAK 視聴者参加型/モンハンライズサンブレイク【Vtuber】天美心桜さんは実況、雑に喋ります【ななついろチャンネル】5:27:1763
2 days ago NekoBlackout-ArchiveLet's Stream Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak [WQHD/60/RTX] #007 An der Spitze steht Gore magala2:50:011
2 days agoUnited States Zennosuke K. Kurohyou Ch.Monster Hunter | Freedom Playthrough | # 4 [Zennosuke K Kurohyou | Vtuber]0:000
3 days ago Blauflamme PlaythroughsMonster Hunter Rise: 3☆ Versammlungsstätten-Quest: Es holpert und poltert11:2510
4 days agoUnited States Mr. B's Game CornerWe've Solved all the Villages Problems: Monster Hunter Rise Part 546:4110
4 days agoUnited States MihuKatDancing with Stygian Zinogre Solo Bow 3:39 | MHW Iceborne4:4013
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Holden's Game ArchiveMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Episode 201) | Wiggler Plays39:204
6 days ago DannyTwoShoesWTF is this Monster?? - Monster Hunter Rise - First Playthrough - Part 042:04:07708
2024-02-26United States FuuyaGolden Monkey | Fuuya Plays Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Blind Playthrough! [P86]53:040
2024-02-25 Jarojo SobehnLets Play Monster Hunter Rise: VoD 21:05:370
2024-02-25United States Ishnai CiarfoxMH: Rise Sunbreak with Haruharutan! - Hello stranger, heard you like carting!3:37:110
2024-02-24Japan れどすこ参加型👌配信LIVE配信【 playstation版 モンスターハンターライズ:サンブレイク 】2:36:02138
2024-02-24Spain FranviciogamerBESTIARIO DE MONSTER HUNTER - BLANGONGA #shorts #shortvideo #monsterhunter #gaming0:55174
2024-02-22Mexico Shikishima MireiShikishima Mirei Batalla muy Difícil con Amigas | Monster Hunter Rise13:5139
2024-02-21United States GhostUrsaTaking every opportunity for a counter! #monsterhunterrise #shorts0:4318
2024-02-21Germany Tomatenmann MofDDie kleine Videospielsammlung [Playstation 4 I-M]19:5796
2024-02-19 TenshokyakuLet's Play MH Rise 2/19/2411:030
2024-02-19United States TheProfessorCloud[#greatsword] 50yr old MH Noob tries Rise next | #monsterhunterrise | !profplays | !profbuilds4:16:4536
2024-02-19Brazil Dash!Minhas 5 platinas favoritas no Playstation!15:5010
2024-02-16United States Muncheezlol[ Monster Hunter: RISE ] Let's play Monster Hunter: Rise! Day 23:44:3741
2024-02-14United States Real Propahh GamingCan BULLET BARRAGE Be An Effective Playstyle For ENDGAME? [MHR Sunbreak] Gunlance Showcase21:5657
2024-02-12Philippines Zankapfel Dainsleif Ch.#Zwordplays [MHR SUNBREAK] Is the LBG my actual main?2:33:4616

Latest Reviews For Monster Hunter Rise

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-02-25 OmoCha ReviewsShagaru Magala: Monster Hunter Creator's Model Review and Unboxing7:19232
2024-02-25Netherlands MinMinThe Monster Hunter Has to save , Last Ancient Ancestor Family or else ......5:0459
2024-02-02Canada Wolf's HavenCapcom Figure Builder Malzeno (Bloodening Version) Review19:43272
2024-01-31South Africa Randyz Reaction ReviewsMonster Hunter Rise Review With Commentary41:013
2024-01-27United States Papa CheddarMonster Hunter World Review: Furries, Crack and Simping13:122,676
2024-01-22Hong Kong Madame BakedSunbreak is getting Review Bombed and here's why.2:50973
2024-01-20United States Lone ViikingLongsword Hype?!? Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Let's Hunt! Aurora Somnacanth23:5654
2024-01-17 TheSuperSmash97Monster Hunter Rise Review14:4461
2024-01-03United States BestXRogueMonster Hunter World1:36:579
2024-01-03United States TheMonarchofDragonsWhat To Look Forward To In 2024 And More.19:161,120
2023-12-24Spain Ganelan¿QUÉ TAL ESTÁ: MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK? - Review y Opinión35:514,113
2023-12-12United Kingdom Porkchopninja84Bad Review11:41155
2023-12-11Indonesia Harmard de YouxiKami Kembali Lagi Memburu Zinogre Si Monster Tantrum - Monster Hunter Rise Indonesia13:0635
2023-12-11Venezuela Siltroy Hana¿Vale la pena jugar Monster Hunter DOS? | El Dark Souls de la PS214:102,771
2023-12-09United States Real Propahh GamingIn 2025, We Enter The WILDS!!! | Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer Reaction/Review14:4955
2023-12-09United States mao zillaMonster Hunter Rise Sunbreak review monsters appearance2:3041
2023-11-20United States The Critic Teacher 📝MEGA POTION - GFUEL Review12:2416
2023-11-18Indonesia Figureign - Unboxing Entertainment[EP 127] Nendoroid Hunter Female Xeno'Jiiva | Monster Hunter Review Unboxing8:08306
2023-11-08 Joe 527My Thoughts on the Truth of Spinozilla Saruain (Spinozilla Review Monster Hunter Rise)19:08116
2023-11-08United States DailyKillaMonster Hunter Rise "Review" | Skinning Simulator.10:02115
2023-11-05 TheGamerTronShowCapcom Actually LISTENED?! They Actually DID IT?!?9:05771
2023-10-29 SoAverage KiraMonster Hunter Rise Quick Review16:3139
2023-10-26Brazil CoatyMinha Historia com Monster Hunter23:1567
2023-10-25Philippines Pauwer Plays GamingI Played MHNow in the Mountains! | Monster Hunter Now (Rathian Event)8:051,886
2023-10-21United States PhemetoSTORY TIME! And A Review Of Monster Hunter 3U in 202321:413,833