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1.Japan タカティン60,463,656
2.Japan 茶々茶(chachacha)33,643,433
3.Japan CapcomChannel31,378,429
4.Germany Team Darkside31,075,312
5. RageGamingVideos27,955,616
6.Japan まーこ/Mahco.22,268,901
7.United Kingdom Arekkz Gaming18,967,157
8.Japan 桜ころみん coromin Ch18,527,422
9.Japan ホスター/Hoster14,850,619
10.Japan 我が道を征くイカレタコ助14,694,867

Latest Let's Plays For Monster Hunter Rise

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20 hours agoUnited Kingdom FlipfileMonster Hunter: Rise - Live-Stream Let's Play: Part 11 - Low Rank 1* Hunts Pt.150:340
23 hours agoCanada 39daph vods39daph Plays Monster Hunter Rise - Part 12:18:231,769
1 day ago SakubouGreat Izuchi + Lagombi - Ep 2 - Blind Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak (PC) Full Playthrough44:115
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Paul Plays GAMEPaul Plays Monster Hunter Rise PC - Part 5 - Great Izuchi32:053
1 day agoNetherlands Raymond PlaysTHE BASICS OF HUNTING | Monster Hunter Rise | Part 233:559
1 day agoGermany WolfBiteLPGroß-Izuchi - Part 5 (Let's Play Monster Hunter Rise German)24:030
1 day agoGermany NeonNerdMonster Hunter Rise mit Kreisverkehr - Neonnerd - LIVESTREAM3:10:39132
2 days agoGermany Gustav's SpielwieseMonster Hunter Rise 2022 PC-GERMAN GAMEPLAY-Lets Play Monster Hunter Rise PC[DEUTSCH] #monsterhunter16:3128
2 days agoUnited States CG PlaysFirst Lagombi Kill! Longsword Vs Lagombi! PC Gameplay! - Monster Hunter Rise20:29112
2 days agoUnited States Flamewheel 2001Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Solo High Rank Part 51 - Zinogre All the Miss Plays27:438
2 days ago Infamous AndoBarioth vs Pro Longsword User | PC | Let's Play Monster Hunter Rise The Redo17:387
2 days agoCanada JaydeXMickyLet's Play Monster Hunter Rise Part 24 Online Ranking up with the guild sound easy right?37:149
3 days agoUnited States YourGamerDadMonster Hunter Rise PC - Let's Play Part 1 : Our First Hunt! The Great Izuchi!33:550
3 days agoUnited States AokiralVTHimbo Vtuber plays Monster Hunter Rise!2:09:013
3 days agoUnited States KlleoKatMonster Hunter Rise [PC] Playthrough (No Commentary) Part 154:143
3 days agoAustralia Big Week in Gaming Podcast068: I Like Cables (PSVR2, Monster Hunter Rise PC, Sword of Elpisia)1:28:1112
3 days agoFrance MunchieLE GRAND IZUCHI | Monster Hunter : Rise - LET'S PLAY FR #0216:3529
3 days agoFrance arawak gamerLet's Play Monster Hunter Rise #001 X LaMiche (Bullcrap, NFT et Crypto)3:10:363
3 days ago RicebitsRicebits Plays | Monster Hunter Rise | Episode 145:394
4 days agoGermany HijugaMonster Hunter Rise (PC) #005 - Startschuss für Miaunster-Jäger | Lets Play | PC Gameplay | Deutsch31:24401
4 days agoFrance BreCorsMonster Hunter Rise | Let's play FR #1242:04:0180
4 days agoPhilippines Audrey BunnyIT'S BEEN A REEEAL WHILE! | Monster Hunter Rise (Livestream) #16:00:2820
4 days agoFrance LegendsReaperLet's Play Monster Hunter Rise [PC] - Episode 1 Partie 2 - La découverte de Kamura !46:392
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Porkchopninja84Monster Hunter Rise #4 HELP WITH MAINTENANCE8:271
5 days agoUnited States That Sober GamerLets Play Monster Hunter Rise Part 1 - Begin the Hunt (PC)2:17:132

Latest Reviews For Monster Hunter Rise

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1 day ago MGT - Max Games TechMONSTER HUNTER RISE - SHORT Review | Switch OLED handheld gameplay1:01380
1 day agoUnited States LuxPCGamerNewsFirst reviewers are happy with the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise1:160
1 day agoUnited States Hall Of HuntersMonster Hunter Rise Versus Iceborne Best Melding System Showdown14:01102
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2 days ago StroopwaffelYTMonster Hunter Rise...IS IT ANY GOOD? - PC Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay & Review6:424
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3 days ago NV VersusDouble Rodeo Action! | NV vs Monster Hunter Rise0:593
3 days agoGreece RantingGreekGamerΠΑΙΖΩ MONSTER HUNTER RISE ΣΤΟ PC3:46:221,283
3 days agoUnited States Gaming InstinctsMonster Hunter Rise PC Review - Goodbye Nintendo Switch | Gaming Instincts7:50307
4 days agoCanada SuperRADThis is the Future of Monster Hunter15:3547,977
5 days agoJapan GureMonster Hunter Rise PC Part 36:59:3333
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5 days agoUnited States ACGBest Gaming Podcast ACG - God of War, Monster Hunter Rise, Delays, Community Discussion 1030am pst2:59:5613,902
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6 days agoUnited States Nintendo SphereMonster Hunter Rise REVIEW PC GAMEPLAY TRAILER SUNBREAK NEWS モンスターハンターライズ 【レビュー PC STEAM】12:44296
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2022-01-12Russian Federation World of GamesCapcom's Former Switch Exclusive Monster Hunter Rise Is Off To A Great Start On Steam1:329