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1.Brazil PewPew Peew78,192,745
2.Thailand zbing z.52,155,180
3.United Kingdom Olli4327,917,581
4.Ireland jacksepticeye26,360,852
5.Thailand HEARTROCKER21,993,971
6.Ireland RTGame20,901,137
7.Japan しう19,606,958
8.Germany GermanLetsPlay18,982,067
9.Japan ポッキー14,972,317
10.Netherlands Silvarret12,350,914

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1.Germany Knorkh1,374
2.Germany Hrafnkarl536
3.Canada gameface536
4.Germany Rudi Rennkamel503
5. JLW Games475
6. Toadlet25349
7.United States Sdanwolf317
8.United States Variable304
9.Spain TheTronixX301
10.Germany zaaap!279

Latest Let's Plays For Planet Coaster

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoBrazil João Gabriel MatosPlanet Coaster - Modo carreira - Cenário: Ilha Paradisiaca do Gulpee Episódio 1016:501
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Nerdtastic HDLet's Play Planet Coaster - Episode 7 - Parking Lot / Main Street20:494
2020-05-17United Kingdom Theme Park WorldwideLet's Play Planet Coaster - Globe Explorer Episode 28 - Finishing Touches18:4711,606
2020-05-17Germany ModernConsumerDie Flucht beginnt + Jurassic Park mit Dinos | Planet Coaster Let's Play #6027:475,450
2020-05-14Germany StillerLets Play Planet Coaster | Das Parkhaus vol. 2 - Ep. 004 | Das Kirmes Projekt1:26:110
2020-05-08Netherlands Tricky Plays GamesSculpting a Chinese Dragon - Planet Coaster15:15961
2020-03-28United States zswiggsLet's Play Planet Coaster - First Playthrough, vanilla, no mods - zswiggs Live on Twitch4:14:510
2020-02-29Mexico DonGPTOHice un parque de diversiones que golpea gente - Planet Coaster22:0918
2020-02-16Germany DaddelZeitPlanet Coaster Deutsch 🎡 #011 – Das erste Themengebiet 🎡 WQHD Let's Play23:08150
2019-12-31 2012jarrett#ProjectAlpha Revealed as Centauri://Planet Coaster1:2299
2019-12-29Germany GrimperiumLet's Play Planet Coaster - #25 Kosten senken [German/Deutsch Gameplay]25:387
2019-12-24Germany KnorkhWeihnachtsmann Lets Play (Weihnachten 2019) + Zukunftspläne [Spezial Folge] 🎢 PLANET COASTER #97720:26532
2019-12-19France Blu shArtBienvenue à Parkventure - Planet Coaster Let's play Gameplay FR - ép. 235:01149
2019-12-16Netherlands SpottinGamesPlanet Coaster Career Mode Gameplay (No Commentary) | The Great Tree [4/4] - Part 834:53128
2019-12-06Germany ZanderES ESKALIERT! PARK ERÖFFNUNG ⭐ Planet Coaster #18 | Staffel 316:147,154
2019-11-15United States Video Game DepotPlanet Coaster: Console Edition - Announcement Trailer on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One1:5011
2019-11-15 PlayStation EuropePlanet Coaster | Announcement Trailer | PS41:4211,076
2019-11-14 JLW GamesPlanet Coaster Is Coming to Console! (Playstation 4 & Xbox One)6:582,552
2019-11-03United States TheWaffleGalaxyPlanet Coaster Ep.40 - 🎢 MODIFYING A ROLLERCOASTER, SERIES GOING ON HOLD!!! (Gameplay / Let’s Play)28:391,806
2019-10-27Canada Geekism🌲 An Adventure Begins! | Pinewood Hills | Let's Play Planet Coaster #5721:409,404
2019-10-19France ElwoOOodTV[Let's Play FR] Planet Coaster #8 (défi plus difficile) - Ouverture de la partie pirates28:32119
2019-10-12Germany Sammy RayPlanet Coaster ! RideCheck #13 ! Jägerhorn - by Silvarret !13:3963
2019-09-26Germany Chaen87GoldminenTurm Langer Umbau Lets Play Planet Coaster#5844:205
2019-09-07United Kingdom Sips - Live!Planet Coaster - Gulpee's Will Save Us! - Episode 2 (Edited Series)21:3018,503
2019-08-26Germany TimoratusPlanet Coaster 🎢 (Karrieremodus) [021] (LP) - Kampf uns Heu!30:3111

Latest Reviews For Planet Coaster

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-10-26United States Pow3rh0usePlanet Coaster - Pow3rh0use Review11:49113
2019-07-30United Kingdom MZKPlanet Coaster Reviewed By A Theme Park Employee16:001,304
2019-07-02United States VariableLet's Review this Wicker Man Recreation in Planet Coaster!10:4427,629
2019-06-19United Kingdom Games FreezerPlanet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC Review3:01178
2019-06-15United States SHADOWxPHENIXMy Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC Review35:091,092
2019-06-04Germany Sammy RayGhostbusters-DLC ! Planet Coaster ! Update ! Review deutsch HD21:47202
2019-06-03Netherlands DeLadysigner➡️ The Ghostbusters Experience POV | Planet Coaster | Ghostbusters DLC |6:516,113
2018-12-20United States SdanwolfMagnificent Rides DLC Review! | Planet Coaster22:592,205
2018-11-27Canada Geekism🎨 The Best Planet Coaster Custom Assets (Nov 18) | Thememakers Toolkit Review19:0810,286
2018-10-16United States 8-bit JoshPlanet Coaster - World's Fair Pack DLC - Review22:28238
2018-09-03United Kingdom Pause GamesHysteria Pier Part 14 - Planet Coaster Vintage Pack - Finale! Full build POV.18:07231
2018-08-16United States ReadylizardViper coaster review - Six Flags Magic mountain - Planet coaster recreation- time lapse15:0388
2018-08-03United States Kinglink ReviewsPlanet Coaster - Last Look and Review - Watch out Disney, there's a new theme park opening.11:50248
2018-04-16Germany FalballaPlanet Coaster #02 - Wie geht Grusel eigentlich?29:1014
2018-03-28United States Matt BrycePLANET COASTER STUDIOS PACK DLC | Foxdon Studios | let's look at, Review & Build13:57590
2018-01-10United Kingdom DGC ChannelPlanet Coaster Review18:01445
2017-12-30United States Lost ChaosFreedom Planet Was NOT A Good Game9:422,536
2017-12-15 ZepalkiaCalendrier Review 2017: #15, Planet Coaster24:5169
2017-09-27Spain KingeTubePlanet Coaster (Esce. Primavera) [07] Spooky Pack mini-review | Gameplay español29:1373
2017-07-22Australia ExactChaosOpinionated Facts - A Review of Planet Coaster11:21159
2017-04-05United States jackarsnelJack Reviews: Planet Coaster3:092,466
2017-04-01 Donald DublinPlanet Coaster Review Worthabuy11:44126
2017-03-03United Kingdom WideViewPlanet Coaster Ultrawide (21:9) Review (3440x1440 60fps)7:441,934
2017-03-01United States LorerunnerLorerunner Reviews: Planet Coaster1:341,349
2017-01-25United States KEN!Jio | Planet Coaster Review6:43241