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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan あぽろ94,942,913
2.Japan むじょっくすTV69,122,934
3.Japan 草の人14,316,839
4.Japan 天野さとし(amanos)12,206,728
5.Japan マグロヘッド9,162,081
6. カクテル8,322,237
7. ダヤン/Dayan7,182,825
8. CygamesChannel5,006,185
9.Singapore Ignideus4,255,161
10.Japan あつぷーGames3,896,320

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Japan あぽろ1,010
2. Blureboot983
3.Australia DragooseBlaze861
4. ダヤン/Dayan816
5.Japan むじょっくすTV637
6. 奧茲國的大冰喵612
7.Japan 天野さとし(amanos)601
8. カクテル592
9. Five Team566
10.Japan vio's gaming507

Latest Let's Plays For Shadowverse

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-12-13Germany ScrawlViele Flattermänner!! [Let's Play/german] Shadowverse [Deck Building] #00625:4162100.00%
2018-10-31 BlurebootNilpotent the Lifesaver - Destruction Portalcraft ft. Lishenna (Rotation Ranked) - Shadowverse21:395,27597.00%
2018-10-29Singapore Ignideus[Shadowverse] Let's Play Something Dumb (Rotation Aggro Sword deck gameplay)7:415,84195.93%
2018-08-07United States KenshiKuroPrologue | Shadowverse - Episode 115:3153100.00%
2018-07-13Japan vio's gaming冒頭で連絡事項有り【mp8300】【ネクロ8400勝】【Shadowverse】vio gaming:ネクロオンリーでグラマス目指す第9夜4:55:165,55145.45%
2018-07-11 奧茲國的大冰喵[闇影詩章]《娛樂》純轉蛋龍哪裡好玩,要有夢想的洛基轉蛋龍才帥啊~shadowverse5:002,84095.83%
2018-07-03 黃僑尉[Shadowverse] 指定系列 復仇者vs龍 用"古代自動機械"玩出另一種套路6:2511
2018-05-23Spain YoritomoShadowverse en español. Draconico PDK Storm. ¡Golpea con toda la furia de los dragones!28:54113100.00%
2018-05-20 Five TeamShadowverse - Dawnbreak Nightedge - Analisando o Flavor: Belphegor8:1927100.00%
2018-04-07United States Pheno Plays GamesShadowverse | Pheno Plays - (Ep.2) Arisa's Story Part 317:2913100.00%
2018-02-26 JustiguySorry Not Sorry Belphegor / Shadowverse [Unlimited]3:5922100.00%
2018-02-06 AlternateDimensionsShadowverse - Insanely Close Battle (ft. Nilpotent Entity) - Portal v. Dragon6:0820
2018-01-05 Nika PlayingShadowverse Español - BLOODCRAFT WALPURGIS DECK29:20442100.00%
2017-12-07 VGfanman5602Shadowverse Noob Plays with Karl36:040
2017-11-07United States Elreezy - Elric AtchisonShadowverse Part 2- My butt is handed by an opponent in Unranked6:478
2017-07-31Canada Oh HeckOh Heck, Let's Cards: Shadowverse Wonderland Dreams Pack Opening15:31500100.00%
2017-05-06 caramida9GOING FULL WAIFU! Let's play: Shadowverse30:3754100.00%
2017-03-05United States Bern The WitchBern plays Shadowverse - ExG Tournament S2T2 vs Noah@MS (Round 7 Swiss)12:3610
2017-02-16United States SynthReBorn[Shadowverse Replays]: Sweepin' Take Two15:3231100.00%
2017-01-10Canada GawdlikeMattLet's Play: Shadowverse - Beginner Ranked Matches [Havencraft]41:4472100.00%
2017-01-10Germany VirusXShadowverse [01] Runecraft: My D-Shift Ranked Deck [1080p 60fps]18:12576100.00%
2016-12-03United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_RyShadowverse - Erika Chapter 624:0147
2016-12-02United States AntiBytes GamingABG Plays Shadowverse - Take Two Arena41:3534100.00%
2016-11-25Lithuania LukasShadowverse - [#2] (Card Games with Lukas & Rewas)21:4141100.00%
2016-11-23United States Andy Plays All NightI THINK YOU'RE CRAZY | Isabella Part 2 | Let's Play: Shadowverse #412:2116100.00%

Latest Reviews For Shadowverse

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-12-26United States G&A ReviewsShadowverse | *Enter Cheeky Title Here (Altersphere Card Review Pt. 3)31:03103100.00%
2018-12-26Spain YoritomoShadowverse en Español. Review Alter Sphere. ¡Comentando todas las cartas con Sai en modo turbo!1:53:17167100.00%
2018-12-26Singapore Ignideus[Shadowverse] ALL CARDS REVEALED (Altersphere Card Review)29:464,96996.09%
2018-12-25 BlurebootLAST 20 New Cards! - Altersphere (Card Review) - Shadowverse13:553,08398.91%
2018-12-24 Five TeamShadowverse - Altersphere - Review da expansão - parte 4: Havencraft e Portalcraft1:00:2831100.00%
2018-08-05United Kingdom Lord Hakkera[Shadowverse] Reviewing the "Set 4" Prebuilt Decks15:05299100.00%
2018-06-27Denmark The PropagandacastShadowverse Brigade of the Sky : Swordcraft Card Review29:3175094.74%
2018-06-11Mexico Baltasar Gaming ShowShadowverse Night + GP Semifinals and E3 Day 1 Review3:43:4727
2018-04-12Japan さと【Shadowverse】ドラゴン縛りでローテランクマ《4月13日》(ユリア48手式)3:38:4249
2018-03-31 FredchuckdaveShadowverse Dawnbreak Portalcraft Card Review (Grand Master Artifact Perspective)34:54380100.00%
2018-03-27 boxy hahjShadowverse CCG Game Review 1080p Official Cygames, Inc.16:1112
2017-12-07Canada Kulo Gaming[Shadowverse] Commentary "Chronogenesis Card Review"19:362,03491.84%
2017-05-19 Betty GirlShadowverse CCG Game Review 1080p Official Cygames, Inc.13:3667100.00%
2017-01-13United States Perfect DistractionShadowverse Review - Perfect Distraction3:1635100.00%
2016-12-26 TheGoldBattle[Shadowverse] Rise of Bahamut Card Review - Part 4 (Haven/Neutral)22:27428100.00%
2016-10-26United States Downward ThrustShadowverse Review5:2813,04987.50%