Super Mario Bros. 35

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1.Chile ZetaSSJ1,326,571
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3.Japan 兄者弟者1,239,309
4.United States Nintendo1,203,044
5.Japan テレ東BIZ880,204
6.Japan Nintendo 公式チャンネル824,094
7.United States Arlo814,521
8.Brazil República Coisa de Nerd653,608
9.Italy Looygi Bros.643,239
10.United States Kosmic603,678

Latest Let's Plays For Super Mario Bros. 35

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-05-08United Kingdom Hero PlaysBeginner Plays Splatoon || Splatoon 2 #Live​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #182:30:50194
2021-04-13Canada Kirky PlaysPac-Man 99 Tips And Tricks To Help You WIN More!20:2578
2021-04-11United States MagneonGamesSuper Mario Bros. 35 (Nintendo Switch) Pt. 184: 35-Player Battle - Lv. 66★★1:52:599
2021-04-08United States LuminousLet's Play Super Mario Bros. 35 Part 3: Oh Shucky Darn, It's Over42:3130
2021-04-04Canada OdinSpackWhat's goin' on - Easter 2021 Update (The Future of the Daily Challenge)10:18122
2021-03-31France AntistarSuper Mario Bros. 35 (let's play FR) : "The End of [M]ario" / Road to level ★853:51:2473
2021-03-26Colombia 1 Up Gamer LifeFlame of Recca: Final Burning (烈火の炎 FINAL BURNING) [ Playstation 2]2:29:299
2021-03-06United Kingdom ChrisReactorLets Play some more Super Mario Bros 3515:498
2021-03-01United Kingdom Tom plays games!Tom plays... Super Mario Bros. 35 (Ep 4)54:0631
2021-02-26United States CBGP EmTVSUPER MARIO BROS. 35 - Me vs. My Dad vs. The World #LetsPlay #NintendoSwitch #SMB3522:2424
2021-02-18Poland majkeld3Super Mario Bros. 35 35th anniversary commercial nintendo switch tvcm cm pub jpn jp0:31252
2021-02-15Germany LeafstyleLET`S PLAY Super Mario Bros. 35 🐢 [015][Blind][Deutsch]: Konzentration 10016:3346
2021-02-12 Red ServerCazuchan birthday stream (Red plays Among us for first time)3:02:512
2021-01-17Germany NoniSuperpilz oder Superstern? 🎨 Splatoon 2 Splatfest zum 35. Super-Mario-Bros-Jubiläum2:48:40127
2021-01-10United States HappyAnimaidCafeManagerSuper Mario Bros 35: Let's Play: Ep 422:364
2020-12-08United States Paranoia CornerMaking 2000 IQ PLAYS in Mario35 with Cereal Bites37:568
2020-12-05Georgia Forsen PlaysForsen Plays Super Mario Bros. 35 (With Chat)4:26:321,933
2020-12-04United States Patton PlaysSuper Mario Bros. 35 First playthrough by an Old School Gamer!4:49:441,791
2020-11-26United States IndieTimmieBeing thankful for Mario - Super Mario Bros. 3519:3770
2020-11-22United States MetalSmasherGamingSunday Longplay - F-Zero: XXL Challenge (SNES ROM Hack)55:241,510
2020-11-14United States Gameplay and TalkSuper Mario Bros. 35 (Nintendo Switch) | Let's Play #425 - Mario Meets Battle Royale!56:35524
2020-11-12Germany OzomaLpLet's Play Super Mario Bros. 35 [Deutsch] Teil 12 Ein neues Ziel37:4220
2020-11-11United States Joseph SMASH!!Super Mario Bros. 35 Online Matches | GIVE ME FIRE FLOWER!!! | JOSEPH SMASH!!!16:534
2020-11-10Germany LETSPLAYmarkusLet's Test # 265 🏆 SUPER MARIO BROS. 3531:102,378
2020-11-08Canada OshikorosuHOW TO WIN IN MARIO 35 - Tips & Tricks to help you win. | Super Mario Bros. 35 with Oshikorosu [2]25:56562

Latest Reviews For Super Mario Bros. 35

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-09United States The Catholic Gaming NerdPac-Man 99 (Nintendo Switch) Video Review10:075
2021-01-19United States RoXolid ProductionsFull Run: 1st Place Super Mario Bros 35 Featured in Gamesir T4 Pro Controller Review11:28241
2020-12-31United Kingdom Holden GatsbyI've been thinking of retiring. (Year In Review 2020)8:4366
2020-11-27United States Reviews 2 GoSuper Mario Bros. 35 (Switch) Review7:54444
2020-11-03United States Brian SolowSuper Mario Bros 35 Review11:4522
2020-10-27United States Bradly OverratedSuper Mario Bros 35 Overrated Review on Nintendo Switch4:2724
2020-10-22United States 8-Bit EricLUIGI IS IN SUPER MARIO BROS 35!!8:181,126
2020-10-20United States Abbreviated ReviewsA Game with an Expiration Date - Super Mario Bros. 35 | Abbreviated Reviews2:19303
2020-10-18United Kingdom This Week In Video GamesSuper Mario Bros. 35 review4:2931
2020-10-15Australia Good Game: Spawn PointSuper Mario Bros. 35 | Review5:17576
2020-10-14United States Ole_PoppaGSuper Mario Bros. 35 Review & Guide11:1437
2020-10-09 IGN ChinaIGN 7分《超級瑪利歐兄弟35》中文遊戲評測「有創新但也容易讓人厭倦」Super Mario Bros. 35 Review4:0686
2020-10-08United Kingdom PlaytendoGuySuper Mario Bros. 35 Switch Review5:1017
2020-10-07United States Trailer GamesSuper Mario Bros. 35 Review4:460
2020-10-07United States Pat the NES PunkSuper Mario Bros. 35 - Review and Analysis!23:3114,621
2020-10-06United States IGNSuper Mario Bros. 35 Review4:46149,754
2020-10-06United States Morton's CastleSuper Mario Bros 35 [REVIEW]4:1036
2020-10-05United States UrGamingTechieSuper Mario Bros. 35 Switch Review | A Mario Battle Royale? Is it Fun?13:2539
2020-10-05Canada kintipsKintips Review Super Mario Bros 35 Nintendo Switch Online4:5418
2020-10-05United States Old Man GamingHorrible Review- Mario 3518:279
2020-10-05India GamingBoltSuper Mario Bros. 35 Review - The Final Verdict7:065,442
2020-10-04Canada Just JesssSuper Mario Bros 35 is ADDICTIVE and AWESOME! | JustJesss9:543,863
2020-10-03United States Captain Spandex PlaysSuper Mario Bros. 35 | Mario Battle Royale18:5912
2020-10-03 RedPandaGamerSuper Mario Bros. 35 Review! (MARIO BATTLE ROYALE)8:24249
2020-10-02United States Olympus Gaming TVSuper Mario Bros 35 [Review] - Battle Royale Done Right?5:0740