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Channels With The Most Views

1. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe1,924,336
2.Japan Tales of YouTube Channel1,825,169
3.Japan 876TV1,473,748
4.Japan ファミ通TUBE744,849
5.United States IGN693,877
6.United Kingdom CGInferno609,490
7.Japan PlayStation Japan588,707
8. PlayStation578,770
9.Australia Jay RPG456,370
10.Japan Takanashi Kiara Ch. hololive-EN356,690

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom CGInferno40
2.United States Poutymuffin37
3.United States RuBoyGaming26
4.United States JRPG Report22
5.United States PNF40421
6.Spain TwinGameFactory20
7.Japan Tales of YouTube Channel19
9. Abyssal Chronicles17
10. Lery Gaming16

Latest Let's Plays For Tales of Arise

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-15France PlayFranceTales of Arise - Présentation de Alphen1:1913
2021-07-08United States KAGE SMGImma Need This Game ASAP | Tales Of Arise Opening REACTION10:37818
2021-07-05Spain VidaoPantallaReacción y opinión al opening de Tales of Arise | Shergiock Opina4:19137
2021-07-04 PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE(35) Let's play Berseria before | Tales of Arise - Final Battle + Ending48:5151
2021-06-26Spain AdayCanarioWTFTALES OF ARISE - Alphen Character Introduction1:19261
2021-06-20Brazil Source VortexTales of Arise - Gameplay de Alphen1:1913
2021-06-18United States JRPG ReportTales of Arise | Alphen Character Trailer1:19111
2021-06-18 Abyssal ChroniclesTales of Arise - Alphen Character Introduction Trailer (English) [PS5, PS4, XSX, XBOne, PC]1:19884
2021-06-18France PlayscopeTrailersTales of Arise • Alphen Character Introduction Trailer • PS5 XSX PS4 Xbox One PC1:19195
2021-06-18 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment EuropeTales of Arise - Alphen - Character Introduction1:1956,226
2021-06-14Hong Kong PlayStation HKPS5 | PS4《破曉傳奇》Summer Game Fest 中文預告1:46897
2021-06-10Brazil Solo ModeTales of Arise * Apresentação de Dohalim e Kisara1:4322
2021-05-31United States FEARnoHATETales of Arise Screenshots Alphen, Shionne. Rinwel, and Law Mystic Artes2:42225
2021-05-31United States PoutymuffinTales of Arise - Mystic Artes Reveal!! Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, Law!!0:50283
2021-05-31Singapore KakuchopureiTales of Arise - Mystic Artes For Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, & Law0:49689
2021-05-24United States Maxie Plays RPGsThe Greater Lightning Craymel Volt! | Tales of Eternia #2431:2066
2021-04-23Spain AbyssWalkersESTales of Arise - Demostración de gameplay de Alphen0:15172
2021-04-23Singapore PlayStation AsiaTales of Arise - Release Date Trailer | PS5, PS41:51310
2021-04-22United States MabiVsGamesTales of Arise Trailer Reaction - It Looks Amazing?! (Mabi Reacts)3:23175
2021-04-22France PlayStation FranceTales of ARISE | Bande-annonce de la date de sortie | PS5, PS41:505,191
2021-03-09United States Good Vibes GamingToday's News Tonight (3/8/21) - Tales of the Monday Grind1:23:318,385
2020-12-18Spain yakal83CYBERPUNK 2077 se DESPLOMA - GRAN BLUE FANTASY RELINK sigue - TALES OF ARISE 2021 - TLOU2 GOTY 202018:57244
2020-10-23 RageSelectOnechanbara Origin (The Dojo) Let's Play42:15873
2019-09-15 PlayStation EuropeTales of Arise | TGS 2019 A Fateful Encounter | PS41:10198,359

Latest Reviews For Tales of Arise

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
9 hours agoUnited States RuBoyGamingTales of Arise! | 3D Character Model Skits, Fishing, Cooking, & Camping! | Review + Explained15:2345
2021-06-18United States Shape of GameTales of Arise [NEW GAMEPLAY] Reviews Strategic Combat Tweaks, Artes and Character Interactions22:51215
2021-06-17Japan ファミ通TUBE『テイルズ オブ アライズ』メディア向け試遊レビュー動画(バトル編)/ Tales of Arise media review (battle)5:22119,235
2021-05-23United States ShadowEliteHD | Mr. JRPGJRPG Podcast HP/MP Ep 63 Yakuza Main Series To Be Turn Based | Good At Games To Review | 30 VS 60FPS2:12:211,998
2020-05-17Spain Sholo gamer23✅¿QUE ES TALES OF ARISE?✅ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [información] REVIEW2:13665
2019-06-10United States Fealty GamingTales of Arise | Xbox E3 Trailer Review2:1968