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Tales of Berseria

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9.Switzerland icetoseeyouu164
10.France KaleiyaHitsumei161

Latest Let's Plays For Tales of Berseria

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2020-10-17United States CursedBoopsTales of Berseria Blind Playthrough, Ep 29 {EnVtuber}2:38:0610
2020-10-04Canada TheSpadeHammerbroLp'sLet's Play: Tales of Berseria Episode 64 Finale - Velvet's Revenge1:50:391
2020-10-02 WhiskeyCactusLet's Play Tales of Berseria, Part 183:00:341
2020-09-28 MuctalesTales of Berseria - 1st playthrough (part 8)5:00:3675
2020-09-12Russian Federation GameTYTtales of berseria || Game sub1:14:100
2020-09-11 4ButtonSoulLet's Play Tales of Berseria Part 2 - You are not the one2:26:573
2020-09-08 AngelosNahasielTales of bad bitch - Tales of Berseria Playthrough Pt.1 (Stream Gameplay)5:43:4616
2020-09-04Germany MrsChiNanami[082] Tales of Berseria - Live [Deutsch]1:59:381
2020-08-22United States Zeal GamesIntense Let's Play Tales of Berseria: Part 272:39:585
2020-08-04United Kingdom Neo RamblerGRINDING FOR TURTLZ! - Let's Play Tales Of Berseria Blind (PC): Part 5154:317
2020-07-27Mexico Darksoulier TvTales of Berseria |Let's play parte 18| Templo de Palamides1:01:269
2020-07-13United States Revan MagusWelp Bye Bye Brother | Tales of Berseria - Revan Magus Ep234:4831
2020-07-13Netherlands NevercravenLet's play: Tales of Berseria: Part 05 - Prison Break39:244
2020-06-29United States DarkShadowRage2[PC] Tales of Berseria[Part 2] Pushing forward devouring demons | Blind Playthrough3:39:0271
2020-06-08 Christine .GTales of Berseria 1st playthrough1:043
2020-06-07United Kingdom Willow GamingTales of Berseria Play through #229:166
2020-05-22Sweden Karagol GamingLet's Play Tales of Berseria - Episode 451:16:1011
2020-05-18 10min GameplayTales of Berseria (PC) Playthrough / Longplay - No Commentary1:20:59:441,110
2020-04-18United States Grappler senpaiAnon chad plays weeb games #11 | Tales of Berseria | PC |16:129
2020-03-30United States BloodBane28Tales Of Berseria Let's Play - Fighting The Order (Part 05)1:48:013
2020-03-14Germany Wedge LonestarTales of Berseria - 78 - Help a Friend42:064
2020-02-23Austria CelerosGKLet's play Tales of Berseria german/deutsch part 74 ENDE "Kaum zu glaube das ich fertig bin"1:07:092
2020-02-03United States possessed Andy playsT rate , lets play tales of Berseria English dub part 6530:137
2020-01-31United States Your Anime Otaku💛🎮 WEEB PLAYS TALES OF BERSERIA | Tales Of Berseria Gameplay [Part 1]5:37:30111
2020-01-04Switzerland icetoseeyouuTales of Berseria |85| L'épisode filler de ce let's play32:084

Latest Reviews For Tales of Berseria

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2018-08-29United States Kinglink ReviewsTales of Berseria - Last Look and Review - Daemon or Demon?14:07394
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2018-03-02United States Unicorn of War - Thomas VaccaroARTORIUUUUUUS! | Tales of Berseria Review12:364,529
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2017-09-08 Game ReviewTales of Berseria Review11:1420
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2017-05-22United States Doubleg392Tales of Berseria for the PS4 Review5:3070
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2017-04-22Argentina AguilasNestTales of Berseria - Review (PC) [ENG]14:53125
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2017-03-22Brazil Outro CasteloTALES OF BERSERIA | REVIEW/ANÁLISE (PC, PS3, PS4)6:339,803
2017-03-20 Ultra Super MegaTales of Berseria Review7:552,153
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