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1.United Kingdom Fudgy73,829,793
2.United States BrickBreak48,855,871
3.Canada SMii7Y44,278,382
4.India Techno Gamerz42,151,020
5.Poland Skrimi33,244,725
6.Canada Drae29,481,496
7.United States Camodo Gaming21,250,555
8.Brazil Bitgamer12,239,879
9.United States TronicsFix11,364,930
10.Belarus perpetuumworld10,952,106

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1.United States BrickBreak335
2. MixFix237
3.United States Mega Teardown225
4.Poland Skrimi171
5.Russian Federation Turbo/Банальное TV171
6. Aaron Eden143
7.United States Play BeamNG129
8. dylen baker105
9. Snakey Wakey99
10.United Kingdom Fudgy92

Latest Let's Plays For Teardown

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-08-01Germany Poolitzer LP - Der IndiekanalMilitär-Zerstörungs-Volksfest! XD | Lets Play Teardown #14 deutsch german26:26157
2022-07-20United States HELLZONECLUBASMR Gaming | Tingly Teardown Triggers | Teardown Playthrough3:12:4256
2022-07-19United States chk brkTeardown: The Heavily Abridged Playthrough Part 141:4026
2022-07-13Australia Thriive_ VodsThriive_ plays Teardown - Part 25:35:384
2022-05-08Russian Federation TLGTeardown v1.0.0. 108 minutes gameplay. TimeLapse Game36:0845
2022-05-06Germany OnkelBogi💥🔨 Teardown - Nochmal zu Lee Chemicals! Tag 3 LetsPlay 202216:0226
2022-05-05 Human5hieldLet's Play Teardown Part 2 - Final Mission! (Part 14)5:12:1284
2022-04-23United States RelleEndlessly cathartic - Teardown - Your Weekly Stream2:32:3373
2022-04-20United States puri_puriPuri Plays: Teardown [Part 8]1:59:2344
2022-03-23United States Buss TearCars vs SCP-173 "Sculpture" | Teardown10:135,818
2022-03-02Germany RudiTeardown Let's Play #19: Die Kunst, Autos zu schrotten32:3733
2022-02-25United States thefarikumaWhat's in the safe? | Let's play Teardown Ep.518:201
2022-01-02Netherlands DJ_ BLADE GAMESHappy New Year \\ Teardown \\ Episode 5 \\ Let`s play32:3511
2021-12-29United States Headhunter GamingHunter Plays: Teardown AGAIN54:5541
2021-12-23United States The M9 Named SypheRLet's Play: Teardown (Part 1) - TM9NS56:2443
2021-12-11United Kingdom RedGamingTechMark Cerny Reveals PS5 SECRETS | How The Playstation 5 Was Designed36:3526,777
2021-10-12Canada KroONE PUNCH MAN Plays A SQUID GAME In Teardown!8:2143,641
2021-09-03Switzerland Vinou 1991J'ai construit ma propre Playstation 2 blanche, à partir d'une console défectueuse!20:52313
2021-08-08 Aaron EdenPlane crash | TEARDOWN21:031,511,605
2021-07-12Germany Crashi letsplayBridge Destruction | Teardown Mods | Crashi letsplay3:4797
2021-07-03United States BrickBreakHuge Minas Tirith Sculpture Destruction | Teardown7:3517,869
2021-05-18Indonesia Take One IndonesiaJANGAN BELI PS5 SEKARANG | #PENTINGGAKSIH17:1811,964
2021-02-26United States YuB~* BREAK STUFF TO WIN *~12:29261,250
2021-01-02United States MoreKryozTeardown but I steal cars just to get revenge on the guy who had me steal the cars15:0944,099
2020-12-17United Kingdom ZumaArcadeTeardown 100% Mission Objectives (All Speed Run Levels)15:162,200

Latest Reviews For Teardown

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-07-15 Planet PieTeardown - Part 5 - Story playthrough9:24794
2022-06-06Russian Federation TOPDRIVE GAMESИгра с крутой разрушаемостью! Круче чем Minecraft? / ОБЗОР TEARDOWN38:0623
2022-04-19Germany GamersGlobalTeardown im Test: Cleverer Spaß mit Sprengkraft (GERMAN, REVIEW)6:282,897
2022-03-18India Mr TechTuberRedmi K50 Pro - Official Teardown / Disassembly | Dimensity 9000 - MediaTek SoC2:4847
2021-11-27Brazil FilipeMGA HISTORIA DO MEU XBOX ONE S 2018 - 202111:541,337
2021-11-01United States RockerGamingNEW Nintendo Switch Online N64 controller teardown, compatibility, and review14:168,938
2021-10-11United States BeamourStatue of Liberty *Addon Review* (TearDown)4:0556,065
2021-08-30United Kingdom BeardedbobIs it really a Razer Viper Clone? Delux M800 Wireless Teardown20:4110,231
2021-04-06 Dilligaf 420D420 Dilligaf420 review the best destructiongame: TearDown39:4534
2021-03-05United States DragonPixelsBIG Changes Coming to My Series2:3464
2020-11-25 Matthew VenturesTeardown: Game Review6:2739
2020-11-11United States SpeedisamaPS5 - UNBOXING NEXT GEN CONTROLLER7:3817
2020-10-15Spain LV - DOTSAMATEARDOWN - EL MEJOR JUEGO DE DESTRUCCIÓN PARA PC [Review Español]6:557,113
2020-10-11United States SERGEMicrosoft Surface Pro 5 Review Unboxing Gaming Teardown15:0212,443
2020-09-23United States Bluedrake42TEARDOWN ALPHA REVIEW! Final thoughts, feedback, and EARLY ACCESS predictions.14:0226,357
2019-08-17 Wicked Gamer & CollectorChina Handheld Time - VS 500 in 1 8 bit Review and Teardown !11:457,370
2018-12-11United States MadlittlepixelSoulja Boy Handheld Review, Gameplay & Teardown! SOLD OUT! This Is Hot! SouljaGame!12:47828,392
2018-08-27United States TronicsFixMavic 2 Teardown3:3454,377
2018-06-04United Kingdom Thommo's TechAtgames SEGA Arcade Gamer Portable Unboxing Teardown and Review. It's good!6:317,478
2016-05-14Australia ellieVLego Angry Birds Pig City Teardown Build Review Silly Play - Kids Toys19:26778,764
2014-03-15Australia EEVblogEEVblog #591 - Agilent 54622D Retro Mixed Signal Osciloscope Review & Teardown29:5263,447
2014-02-21Australia Maker's Muse3D Printing Pen?! Review and Teardown - 201413:5554,626
2012-08-07United Kingdom RetroGamerVX1925 Kodak Box Brownie 2 (f) Camera Review & Teardown :o)13:097,079