Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC) | Mission 04: Rescue

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PC) | Mission 04: Rescue

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Duration: 21:51
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Ace mode, all S ranks, all named aces, and on PC with the best settings I currently have. Nothing but the absolute best for all of you. Please, enjoy.
Description below.

The Lighthouse. The focal point of this war, for which it's even named. It'll be some time before we see it again, but this mission does well as its introduction - if not the focus for its function, it is for who it houses.

It's an interesting mission in being a three, arguably four-parter - a bit like if AC5's Solitaire sequed'd right into Closure. The combination makes it fun enough, though no part is perfect - the first part isn't to everyone's taste (it's the best stealth flight so far though, aesthetically beautiful), the second proceeds too slowly (gives you time to get the ace and then some, and the third is a bit too scripted, even beyond the ending, though you don't always notice it.

But the ambiance is perfect. Beautiful scenery, great soundtracks (the second's chorus is incredible), and the story... well, doesn't disappoint. I couldn't help but contribute to it with my aircraft.

(by the way, it was that Hornet that flies by you)