All Aetherial Orbs Locations In The Armada Region (Outbreak)

All Aetherial Orbs Locations In The Armada Region (Outbreak)

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Outbreak (2017)
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In the Outbreak mode of Zombies there are multiple regions.

You can find Aethereal Orbs in all regions. These orbs are a side-easter egg and reward you with a hefty amount of essence (points) early in the game (or later).

These orbs spawn in each region at specific locations, but the spawn order is always random. The locations are always the same though - there are three spawn locations in each region for the orb to spawn.

When you shoot the orb, it flies away to a new location. You must follow the orb and reshoot it for it to fly away once again. When you shoot the orb for the third and final time, it will be destroyed, and you will get legendary loot, including high-tier weapons, scorestreaks, and even free random perks!

You get points at each orb stop and receive quite a handsome amount just by shooting the orb when following it to its final destination.

The locations of these orbs are not indicated on your Outbreak map. And the orbs do not show up on your mini-map (and the regular map) until or unless you are close to the Aethereal orb.

Another point worth noting is that you only get one orb spawn per difficulty level or round. For instance, if you found one orb spawn on Difficulty Level 1 on Ruka, you will then only find the next one in the next region or Difficulty Level 2, and so on.

Multiple orbs cannot spawn in any region.

In this guide, we show you the locations of all the orbs in the Collateral region. We also showcase the orbs' locations and their path until the final location, in case you miss them while following.

Orb Locations On Other Regions (Alpine, Golova, Ruka):

Orb Locations In The Duga Region:

Orb Locations In The Zoo Region:

Orb Locations in The Collateral Region:

Sanatorium orb locations (and all other regions) can be found in our text guide which we are constantly updating with new locations as discovered.

Text Guide:

0:00 - Intro & Explanation
0:16 - Orb #1
0:55 - Orb #2
1:27 - Orb #3

If you find any new location on this map, feel free to comment below or go to our text guide linked above and comment on the article which is the fastest way to reach us!

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