CK2: Unorthodox Chaos #28 - Mother of Demons (Series B)

CK2: Unorthodox Chaos #28 - Mother of Demons (Series B)

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The branded apostate, Count Christophoros, has been beaten down and forced to be a compliant vassal by the corrupt church and state.

Scared, frightened, and cynical of his once concrete faith, will Count Christophoros rise above the petty squabbles of court life and be the pious vassal that Byzantium needs, or will the realm fall to the infighting and chaos from within?

=== Full mod list ===

Steam Workshop Collection!

A Revolutionary Borders Mod
Created by Kryo

Artifact Search
Created by lgc.Lione

Colored Buttons
Created by Gumba

Decisive Battles
Created by Pzyber

Interface: Century Gothic
Created by Olympian

Interface: Stellaris Colors
Created by Olympian

Flogi's Techmod Trade Route Addon
Created by flogi

Artifact Acquisition and Overhaul
Created by Auirus

Bigger Interface
Created by Kamufen

Caesar's Books - Immersive Artifacts [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Crusader Mounts
Created by Auirus

Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod
Created by flogi

Favor: Impossible Invitation Warning
Created by Dratoran

Dynastic Damascus swords [DIY]
Created by Velaryon

MTA - New Artifacts
Created by Sowilo

Created by Kewsor

Nomina Vera
Created by Galoopo Fruithag

Patrum Scuta
Created by Solo

The Great Trade League
Created by Maal

The Holy Hand Grenade
Created by Auirus

The Orders of Chivalry
Created by Maal

Visible Health And Fertility
Created by Dratoran

WOWGAG's More Artifacts & Bloodlines
Created by ๖ۣۜWG:: Great WOWGAG

[bugfix] Introduce Heir to Realm
Created by Buzhidao

Roll's Community Traits Mod V2
Created by Roll1D2Games

A Revolutionary Water Mod
Created by Kryo

Better AI: Roleplaying Character Focus
Created by Dragatus

Better AI: Roleplaying Education Focus
Created by Dragatus

Crimson Tooltip
Created by Knight Paragon

Caesar's Wonders - Immersive Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

More Buildable Wonders - NEW Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Larger Artifacts Menu
Created by Tonnes

Rich Childhood
Created by Slothinator

Prisoner Marriage
Created by Dragatus

No Satan Masks Red Cloth
Created by Art

Satanism Plus
Created by lokomoko

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