DO NOT Stay In This Forest At Night... | Forlorn First Look Challenge Mode

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The Forest
The Forest (2018)
First Impressions
Duration: 25:16

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Anyone can survive for a day. But can you survive the nights?

Forlorn is a single-player survival horror game. Lost on a deserted island, you will have to forage, craft, build, hunt and explore your way through the wilderness. The clock is ticking, as every night could be your last.
Find the resources you need to stave off hunger and survive just a little longer. Chop down trees to clear the landscape and collect wood for larger constructions.
Turn whatever resources you have found on the way into useful tools or deadly weapons to aid you on your adventure. Learn more crafting recipes as you become more experienced in the wilderness.
Being out in the open, exposed to the elements and to anything lurking in the bushes is extremely dangerous. Grab a hammer and build a base to return to after a long day.
Whether you prefer long-range kills with a bow or to get up close and personal with a spear, you will need a way to acquire fresh meat and hides.
You find yourself in a situation that you are utterly unprepared for. The answers you need can be found around you, but they will not be easy to come across. Explore your surroundings to figure out the path forward.

Are you ready to take on the unknown and survive?


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