Doom Eternal - Nightmare Horde Mod Final Round [2 Revives]

Doom Eternal - Nightmare Horde Mod Final Round [2 Revives]

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Doom Eternal
Duration: 46:09
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The final round of the Horde Mod for Doom Eternal done on Nightmare difficulty with two revives used.

Since the DLC is going to come out very soon I wanted to derust a bit and checked out this Horde Mod that a lot of people are talking about. Jesus it was hard. But also really fun since combat in this game feels amazing (with the exception of Blood Punch hitboxes fuck Blood Punch hitboxes). I could've done it without revives if I just didn't stand still during the final section and got cockblocked by the marauders but ech. In my opinion the 2nd section is the hardest part of the round.
Also my mouse hand legit started feeling tired after a while of attempting this, that has literally not happened before.

Some timestamps for the sections since this is extremely long:
0:00 - 1st section
16:50 - 2nd section
29:20 - 3rd section
34:04 - 4th section