Episode 115 - First Floors of the Tower  - Let's Play CrossCode [Blind] [NS]

Episode 115 - First Floors of the Tower - Let's Play CrossCode [Blind] [NS]

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CrossCode (2018)
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In this episode of Let's CrossCode; we climb up the tower and solve puzzles on the way up. How many floors will we have to figure out?

CrossCode is an action RPG developed by Radical Fish Games. The game sees you playing as Lea, an avatar (or player) in the real life MMO called CrossWorlds. With the help of the other characters, Lea tries to remember her past and going through the MMO seems to be the way to achieve this.

The game was developed by Radical Fish Games and was published by Deck13. It's development was started in 2012 before being crowdfunded. It was in early access for a long time prior to being released in September of 2018. This version of the game, on the Nintendo Switch, was only released in July of 2020. The game was intially developed in ImpactJS (though I wasn't able to find any information related to its Nintendo Switch release).

As mentioned above, I am playing this game on the Nintendo Switch as it has become my preferred way of playing and capturing content!

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