Escape From Tarkov: Every Single Extraction in The Game

Escape From Tarkov: Every Single Extraction in The Game

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Escape from Tarkov
Duration: 30:15
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Please see the list below for the map / extractions you're looking for.

Also please remember to double tap o that's "o" (Letter o) and not "0" (Number 0) on your keyboard to get a list of possible extractions when in a raid, and make sure to check out my other content if you're new to the game.

This video includes every single extraction in Escape From Tarkov, lets hope they don't release any new maps in the next few weeks.

When a new map is released i'll release a new version of this video.

[01:00] Customs:-

[01:05] Military Base Checkpoint
[01:38] Scav's Checkpoint
[02:10] Administration Gate
[02:31] ZB-1011 (Not always available)
[02:54] Factory Far Corner
[03:26] Old Gas Station (Not always available)
[04:14] ZB-1012 (Not always available)
[04:45] Warehouse 4
[05:19] Passage Between Rocks
[05:45] Railroad To Military Base
[06:06] Factory Shacks
[06:32] Dorms V-Exit / Old Road Gate (Need 3K RUB and isn't always available)
[06:57] Sniper Roadblock
[07:18] Smuggler's Boat (Not always available)
[07:35] Warehouse 17
[07:54] RUAF Roadblock (Not always available)
[08:10] Railroad To Tarkov
[08:26] Trailer Park Workers Shack
[08:39] Trailer Park
[08:52] Crossroads
[09:12] Railroad to Port

[09:35] Interchange:-

[09:44] North West Exfil
[11:05] Power Station (Need 3K RUB and isn't always available)
[12:13] South East Exfil

[13:09] Factory:-

[13:15] Gate 0 (Needs Factory Key)
[13:32] Camera Bunker Door
[13:48] Office Window
[14:04] Gate 3
[14:24] Cellars (Needs Factory Key Unless Night Time)

[14:52] Shoreline:-

[14:59] Svetliy Dead End
[15:18] Ruined House Fence
[15:39] Tunnel
[16:05] Ruined Road
[16:45] Pier Boat (Not Always Available)
[17:10] Lighthouse
[18:00] CCP Temporary
[18:30] Road To Customs
[18:58] Right / East Wing Gym Entrance
[19:21] Admin Basement
[19:45] Rock Passage
[20:10] South Fence Passage

[20:26] Woods:-

[20:33] Mountain Stash
[20:54] South V-Exit (Need 3K RUB and isn't always available)
[21:20] East Gate
[21:38] ZB-014 (Needs ZB-014 Key)
[22:17] Scav House
[22:36] Outskirts
[22:52] Outskirts Water
[23:07] Dead Man's Place
[23:18] The Boat
[23:32] RUAF Roadblock
[23:53] Gate to Factory
[24:14] UN Roadblock
[24:31] Old Station
[24:51] ZB-016 (Not Always Available)
[25:30] West Border

[26:05] The Lab:-

[26:10] Cargo Elevator (Needs Power)
[26:48] Main Elevator (Needs Power)
[27:15] Ventilation Shaft (Only Backpacks Smaller than MBSS)
[27:45] Elevator of the Medical Block (Needs Power)
[28:14] Sewage Conduit (Needs Power)
[28:52] Parking Gate (Needs Button To Open)
[29:20] Hangar Gate (Needs Button To Open)

Music is all by geneburn

geneburn - Prepare for Escape
geneburn - Countdown
geneburn - Betrayal
geneburn - War goes hot (raw edit)
geneburn - solar empire
geneburn - exfiltration

Maps Used:

Customs Map By RoflWoffl:

Interchange In Game Map:

Factory Map By Marvelin:

Shoreline Map By Marvelin:

Woods Map By Enxyo:

Labs In Game Map: