Eternal S - gameplay

Eternal S - gameplay

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Duration: 19:23
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My Game Score: 7/10

Fight against the endless darkness!
Eternal S, where another world begins!

Head into the eternal fantasy world of 2020!
Become the hero of Shine to purify the world trapped in darkness.

▣ Official Community

▣ Introduction

▶ Endless Stage
Break through a total of 480 stages with my heroes.
Experience a variety of battlefields, from deserts and snow fields to forests and lava fields.

▶ Challenge the limits of my hero's Strength
Strengthening system prepared with stats, equipment and skills!
Test your hero's limits by constantly strengthening.

▶ My Guardian as a Shadow
Go through the darkness with various guardians!
The Guardian is a very powerful ally and is a great help for heroic adventures.

▶ Special equipment production only for heroes
Build your own hero's equipment with the Making system!
In order to be strong in the world of Eternal S, it is necessary to Reinforcement, Making and Disassemble!

Now available in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.