Gear Acquisition / Loot 2.0 & Endgame RPG / min-maxing process How To Fix The Division 2 TU6

Gear Acquisition / Loot 2.0 & Endgame RPG / min-maxing process How To Fix The Division 2 TU6

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The Division 2
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Gear Acquisition / "Loot 2.0"

Endgame loot progression has been a topic within the community since World Tier 5 opened. The Division 2 has a very big loot pool: Gear Mods, Skill Mods, Brands, Gear Set, weapons and exotic items. Getting the right item with the right talents and good rolls can be a challenge.

Let's start a collection of ideas on how to improve the general endgame loot progression. These are some of the questions I would like to raise:

How is the loot progression for you in World Tier 5?

How would you like to farm specific items or brands?

What would make heroic missions and raids rewarding for you that you tackle these sort of challenges?

How would you narrow down the loot pool that you eventually get the item that you are looking for?

Do you have good examples of how you would like to get the equipment for your character? (maybe how other games do it better)

How could the existing content of The Division 2 be used to have a targeted loot progression?

Title Update Next – Community Feedback
As announced in the State of the Game - July 31st, 2019 – the next Title Update that should be released before Episode 2 is all about player feedback and improving the core systems and experiences of the game.
The dev-team wants the community's input on what you feel needs to be improved. For that, we will make a series of megathreads that will be released over the next couple of weeks to cover specific topics.
These are the megathreads that will be posted – all of them have a specific focus, so we can group the feedback to make it easier to process:
Gear Acquisition / "Loot 2.0"

Endgame RPG / min-maxing process


nventory Management

And more

Each thread will stay stickied for a number of days but remain open once it has been replaced. The “And more” will focus on all the feedback that doesn’t fit in the other categories.
So start thinking about your feedback now, prepare pictures, suggestions and ideas to have them ready once that specific topic gets a turn.
Also, keep in mind: These questions are based on the mentioned focus points in the State of the Game and the discussions in the sub. They are no official feature list for the next update. So just because some topics are listed in the questions below, does not mean they are also in the patch notes once the update drops.

This one will focus on endgame RPG – how you build your character and min-max it for endgame.
Endgame RPG
In the last megathread we collected feedback about how you acquire loot. This time we focus on endgame RPG - what you actually do with the loot and how you would like your min-maxing process to be. Some of it was already touched upon in the last thread but I will still list it here.
These are some of the questions I would like to bring up, but you can expand them with your own:

How would you like the Recalibration process to be improved

How would you like the Crafting process to be improved

After Title Update 5, do you see any needed changes to how you acquire crafting materials?

How do you like the build diversity after Title Update 5 and how could that be further improved.

Based on the Skill performance update of Title Update 5 – are there still changes needed to make them more competitive to perform on raid difficulty?

What is still missing in the game for you to perform the role you want to play in the game?

Do you see other items that could be added to the toolbox of your agent?
The idea is to have a collection of suggestions that could be implemented to help you in your min-maxing process, provide you with the items and resources you need to put together the build you always wanted.

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