Going over to the Dark Side [Mech Rogue] - Hearthstone: Titans

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Duration: 53:03

I've been putting off playing Mech Rogue; a deck that I thought would be tier 1 when the cards were announced and if anything exceeded my expectations. my main distaste for it revolves around it being a little bit corny exploiting the magnetism to effectively get like a pseudo-charge deck. Also, there are insane high rolls like click-clocker coin magnetize coppertail to give you Turn 2 divine shielded 5/4 that gives you a coin for each attack and sort of has charge. I also hate how many magnetic stealth minions they can access making some boards untargettable. This meant that some decks simply cannot compete with the aggression it offers. However, Lab Constructor a big enabler of the snowballing has long been nerfed and also control warrior has been buffed, especially bladestorm that can ignore the Mech Rogue BS. So I figured it was time for me to show it off...

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### Mech Rogue
# Class: Rogue
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Wolf
# 2x (0) Preparation
# 2x (1) Click-Clocker
# 1x (1) Door of Shadows
# 2x (1) Drone Deconstructor
# 2x (1) Frequency Oscillator
# 2x (1) Gear Shift
# 2x (2) Amalgam of the Deep
# 2x (2) From the Scrapheap
# 2x (2) Invent-o-matic
# 2x (2) Pit Stop
# 2x (2) Serrated Bone Spike
# 2x (3) Coppertail Snoop
# 1x (3) Mimiron, the Mastermind
# 2x (3) SP-3Y3-D3R
# 1x (5) Ini Stormcoil
# 1x (5) Lab Constructor
# 1x (6) Crabatoa
# 1x (6) V-07-TR-0N Prime

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