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Let's Play
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Live chatting is severely restricted due to continued uncomfortable messages from unknown chatters. Please adhere to the rules below, otherwise, you will be banned without notice. \n\n=================== INTRO ==================\n\nKamini Bakehana is a VTuber/VStreamer who likes to play a variety of video games, enjoys singing, and sometimes streams art! She is the Resident Ghost OL & enforces life-work balance to any and all employees whenever she can! So she often scares them to go home on time! \n\n=================== RULES ==================\n\n☆ English OK! 日本語もOKですが漢字苦手です。ひらがなかカタカナで書いてください。\n☆ Be kind to me and each other! \n☆ Do not harass the streamer, sexual or otherwise. Asking for or divulging the streamer's personal information (doxing) is considered harassment and will be banned and reported.\n☆ Swearing is okay, but don't ever direct it to me or anyone else.\n☆ Don't backseat me and no spoilers! I'll ask for help if I want it.\n☆ Avoid controversial or hateful topics. I want this place to be comfortable for as many people as possible. Please respect that, me, and other people.\n☆ I ask kindly that you don't self promote or promote other streamers. I'll promote the people I want to promote when I do.\n\n================== SOCIALS =================\n\n○ https://kamini.live\n○ https://twitter.com/bakehanakamini\n○ https://twitch.tv/bakehanakamini\n○ https://tiktok.com/@bakehanakamini\n○ https://fansly.com/bakehanakamini\n○ https://vstream.com/c/@bakehanakamini\n○ https://vtubie.com/kamini-bakehana/\n\n=========== COMMISSIONS / SUPPORT ==========\n\n◘ https://ko-fi.com/kamini\n◘ https://vgen.co/bakehanakamini\n◘ https://throne.com/bakehanakamini\n\n================== # TAGS ===================\n\n# kaminichat\n• either pre-recorded ramblings or livestream chats/zatsudans\n\n# kaminicover\n• recorded covers uploaded every Saturday evening PDT...or was; on a bit of a hiatus\n• usually has a paired "on recording" where I talked about recording the cover\n\n# kaminilive\n• livestream of games on various platforms\n• all applicable VODs will be uploaded to this YT channel\n\n# kaminiclip\n• highlights or clips from livestreams\n\n# kaminiart\n• art tag FOR Kamini posted various social media\n\n# kaminidraws\n• tag for Kamini's drawings posted to various social media\n\n# kamischedule\n• weekly schedule posted to various social media\n\n============================================