Hunting Vassal Rings Because Why Not? – Risen [Play the Character 5 #048]

Hunting Vassal Rings Because Why Not? – Risen [Play the Character 5 #048]

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Today on Risen, I'm off exploring. I know, I have quests to do. But I'm stronger, and I can fight undeads easier now. So I'm hunting down some of those Vassal Rings. I have a quest for that, so why not?


Play the Character is a series in which I hearken back to the old days of role playing games. I create a character with a personality, likes, dislikes, and motivations and use this to play my way through the game. Does this play style work in computerized gaming?


Humanity has banished the gods, but in their absence something long forgotten has Risen from the depths. Explore an atmospheric fantasy world filled with mysterious earthquakes, fearsome monsters, and of course treasure. Your choices determine who you are and alter the fate of the world.

This game is made by Piranha Bytes, they can be found here:


I'm Loremaster dlc79, founder of the Empirical Sword, and here we're dedicated to providing knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and life lessons through entertainment, creativity, and speech to gamers, sci-fi nerds, fantasy geeks, and LARPers.

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