I'll Be There - SSO Music Video #IllBeThereChallenge

I'll Be There - SSO Music Video #IllBeThereChallenge

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HD is your friend ♥ Description too :3

So i wanted to take part on SSO's music video competition for Lisa's new single "I'll Be There". I hope you enjoy it :3 I didn't use original scenes clips in order and change them a little bit and moved around until i felt like they were just were they should be. I did her own music video for her, because i welt like that was what song needed. Warm, kindness and friendship. ;) I also wanted to show how the song made our characters remember the moments with Lisa. My character remember the moment when Lisa and Alex helped her with Sabine when she was all alone. And Starshine remember the day when they were reunited with Lisa.

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HD on kaverisi, description ystäväsi ♥

SSO järjesti musiikkivideo kilpailun Lisan uudelle sinkulle "I'll Be There". Ja koska harrastan musiikkivideoiden tekemistä vapaa-ajallani, halusin osallistua mukaan haasteeseen. :) Video sisältää spoilereita uusimmista tarinatehtävistä, joten katsominen omalla vastuulla.

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