Keywii Plays Duke Nukem 3D World Tour (1)

Keywii Plays Duke Nukem 3D World Tour (1)

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Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem (1991)
Let's Play
Duration: 23:09
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After the heartbreaking death of her father, and subsequent burial, Alyx Vance and jordan Freeman nodded to each other agreeing to end the Combine reign, once and for all. But during the flight, something happened.

An explosion went off and a hole was torn in reality. One moment Jordan was looking at Alyx, the next he blinked and was falling out of his crashing helicopter on a rooftop in... a major city?

Looking around Jordan found himself on a skyscrapper with no weapon saved but his pistol. So gathering his wits he took a fall through an airduct into... Hollywood of all places. And twenty years in the past no less.

With no bearings, no plan, and no Alyx, Jordan determined that he'd get to the bottom of the time travel, maybe the G-Man had something to do with it. For the time being though he'd have to assume an alternate identity to avoid paradoxes.

Enter Duke Nukem, Jordan's idea of an 80's action movie charcter, one that fights for freedom, babes, and the Amercan way. Oh, also killing aliens, but he'd do that anyway.

Hopefully if he killed enough of them he'd find his way back to Alyx.