Kingda Ka Launch Sound, 20,800-Horsepower Hydraulic Winch Whine (Copyright Free)

Kingda Ka Launch Sound, 20,800-Horsepower Hydraulic Winch Whine (Copyright Free)

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A whole bunch of mechanical goodness - It's quite possibly one of the most satisfying sounds in the world! Lots of power and a way to sit down and feel it/ ride it yourself. Take a listen to Kingda Ka's launch winding up with its signature high-pitched whine, plus some air sounds from the fail-safe brakes rising and lowering, and the sounds of a train flying by at 206 kmph, 128 mph, 20,800-Horsepower . The World's tallest coaster. Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. #Horsepower #Tallest #SixFlags #RollerCoaster

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