Let's Play Cold Fear Ep.6 Enter The Meat Zone

Let's Play Cold Fear Ep.6 Enter The Meat Zone

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFIzcc1Xg04

Cold Fear (2005)
Let's Play
Duration: 55:35
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On the sixth episode of Let's Play Cold Fear, we've destroyed the jamming device and witnessed Anna's infection by Exocells, so now we've gotta find her. We make our way over to the Habitation Module, where Exocell growths are visible even from the outside. After sliding down a meat hole, Tom is knocked out and infected by Exocells AGAIN. Making our way through this infested module leads us to an elevator that goes down to an underwater tunnel and connects to the Scientific Module. Down here we also encounter a new Exocell mutation in the for of the semi-invisible ExoSpectre. Within the underwater research areas we snag a dose of the antidote that we can use on Anna when we find her. After getting a bit lost, we encounter another new mutant when one of the ExoMass specimens on the elevator breaks out of containment. After getting a bit turned around and learning a lot about Exocells, we locate Anna in a very high-tech area of the lab and give her our only antidote, leaving Tom infected and unconscious on the floor.

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