Neat Tricks Before Wrapping Up | Ecosystem Early Access #8

Neat Tricks Before Wrapping Up | Ecosystem Early Access #8

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Duration: 28:40
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Now that we've shown off Creative Mode it seems we've come to the end of our time for Ecosystem at the moment. We've got some neat little tricks to show off before we end the episode though. But with Ecosystem still in Early Access we will keep an eye on it and follow and cover any updates it receives down the line. For now though, I think our little experiment was quite the success.

Ecosystem is developed by Tom Johnson and is published by Slug Disco Studios;

Intro Music;
Sunshine by The Mini Vandals

Outro music;
Cocktail Hour by Aaron Kenny

Intro and Outro Footage;
Captured In-game from Monster Hunter World; Iceborne
Monster Hunter: World & Iceborne are developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd. ;

Lagiacrus Light Bowgun Thundacrus HD Remake mod made by Akinusuka;

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