Not the Hive. NOT THE HIVE! - DOOMCHIBI99 plays Destiny 2

Not the Hive. NOT THE HIVE! - DOOMCHIBI99 plays Destiny 2

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Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
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Hey chibis!

I got another video for you lot, and its a doozy.

We have 2 matches at Deep Six and 1 at New Arcadia... ALL AGAINST THE HIVE!!!!
Why did it have to be all Hive today? Is there a higher force at work here? Does Drifter want to hear me panic? I dont have any damn idea, but I make sure i make the Hive dance with the goddamn devil in the pale moonlight!

I got some more coming up, so keep a sharp eye open.

If you see your username on the scoreboards, why not say hi in the comments

Until next time,
Catch ya later, my chibi dominators

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Django Django - Guilty Gear XRD

Stains of Time - Metal Gear Rising

Doctor Doom's theme - Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Does the Sheep count Sheep? (Bedman's theme) - Guilty Gear XRD

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