✪ Operation Dark Panther - M01 "The Airfield" 08JUN2003

✪ Operation Dark Panther - M01 "The Airfield" 08JUN2003

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Mission 01: Captain Pablo Cortez is an HVT in charge of airport drug smuggling operations which generates money for the rebels. DEA wants this guy alive for extradition so don't shoot him. 1. Conduct a direct action assault on the airfield 2. Find Cortez and bring back to base for interrogation so that we can gather Intel on the location of the hostages.

Colombian drug trafficking organization Ejército Revolucionario de Columbia translated the Revolutionary Army of Columbia (RAC). RAC is interested in converting Columbia into a communist state. However, we suspect their real motive is to allow the traffickers to operate freely and gain from tremendous financial profits. RAC is armed with various small arms, RPGs, may have some vehicles with mounted weapons. RAC is known to use cargo helicopters and light aircraft to transport drugs out of the country. Regardless of their true motives, RAC has taken two American hostages which is why we are being called in country.

1. Vice President Greg Premier is a 55 year old American businessman with the Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas (LAS).

2. Dr. Vickie Storm is a 35 year old American was researching native Spider Monkeys when her group made contact with a RAC camp and was captured.

3. Juan De La Cruz is a 23 year old Colombian researchers assistant who was helping Dr. Storm. Although he is not American, the local government would appreciate it if we can rescue him should we stumble across his location.

After you land in plain clothes, Red and Blue squadrons will be inserted by boat onto the island "Isla de Providencía" off the western coast of Columbia where RAC rebels reside. Your uniforms, gear, and weapons have been smuggled in by agency contacts. The activity has been monitoring radio chatter and have some initial SIGINT for us.