Outriders pyromancer triple eruption acari build - insane boss nuke - ct15 anomaly

Outriders pyromancer triple eruption acari build - insane boss nuke - ct15 anomaly

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Outriders (2021)
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Outriders pyromancer triple eruption acari build - insane boss nuke - ct15 anomaly
This build is for people who love eruption tempest acari big anomaly damage builds that can do insane damage to the bosses and elites.
nuke bosses in outriders with this fun acari pyromancer build using the tempest anomaly damage skill tree
If you want to do crazy damage and tear through CT15 gold expeditions this acari pyromancer build may well be worth a look with this great outriders pyromancer anomaly build.

00:00 Intro
01:12 Gameplay footage
02:26 Gear and mods
12:56 Skills and rotation
14:28 Skill tree
18:07 outro

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