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Welcome to Episode 01 of our newest Space Engineers Survival play-through Series: Plausible Deniability. In this episode we get started on our mission, going through the initial stages of a survival play-through (sort of).
***Note: I’m trying to keep these episodes to a reasonable length (45m-1h15m). Let me know in the comments if you want/would like it to be longer.***

This play-through features a custom star system with 30 planetary bodies (including nebulae and asteroid belts.
Unlike our first two series, this is not a “vanilla” play-through. There are mods galore (bonus points for obscure vocabulary). A “complete-ish” list of loaded mods (all mods may NOT be used) can be found in the Steam Workshop via this link:

Plausible Deniability Scenario Mods List
***All mods are the property of their creator/creators. They deserve a TON of credit, so show them some LOVE!!!***

The purpose of this scenario is to allow me to test out a new small-grid (SG) survival ready ship that I built: the (INF-01a) Boll Weevil. (Blueprint will be added to the workshop in the future, if it turns out to be viable)

Basic Rules or Restrictions (Self-Imposed) for the Scenario:
-The Boll Weevil must survive. (For Lore purposes: It is equipped with a prototype intelligence collection system that uses quantum entanglement communications capable of providing instantaneous, real-time encrypted data/comms across multiple star systems.) If captured or destroyed, the mission is failed.
-No permanent modifications to the Boll Weevil. Temporary additions can be made. NO original components/equipment can be removed.
-Hostilities against Neutral Factions are HIGHLY discouraged. Creating more adversaries is counter-productive to the objective of “blending in and assuming a low profile”. ***Only acceptable when success of the primary mission is at risk.***

*A Note for Immersion Sake*
Since these restrictions are self-imposed, I will do my best to keep this play-through “authentic”. But should a catastrophic incident occur, I may resort to loading a saved game. I may also reload if a (completely unexpected) outcome occurs. I may also decide to “try something out” for entertainment purposes. This game is fun to play so sharing that is important to me. I may also use some of the game tools to “simulate” some ship functions (e.g. – using the Entity List Tool to simulate running a scan of the nearby area for potential contacts/threats with the Boll Weevil’s “advanced” sensors), so don’t go crazy raking me over the coals for doing something you think is cheesy. Leave a comment, and a suggestion.
Lastly, I’m not RPGing the scenario. I’m playing the scenario, within the confines I have placed upon myself. So while I will refer to the scenario conditions, I’m not doing so “in character”.

I am having so much fun doing this survival play-through. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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