''Right Angle'' 100% (Demon) by Dashiell10 [3 Coins] | Geometry Dash

''Right Angle'' 100% (Demon) by Dashiell10 [3 Coins] | Geometry Dash

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y57rZ2QXjYQ

Duration: 2:01
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A level that has a unique aspect, it features platforms and structures that are comprised only of squares, hence the title. This creation doesn't have a continuity or story to tell, so each and every section is different and original in it's own way, whether it's the effects that are used, the colors, the backgrounds and the block design, this helps keep you on your toes since you won't know what could come next and it makes each section feel fresh.

Making a level like this, only being able to use certain shapes, sounds and looks like challenge, since you can't go too crazy with the design or it would look too cluttered, so the best part about this in my opinion are the effects, they definitely add a lot of life to the level, especially the ones used inside the blocks and in the backgrounds, the flashes of light in sync with the music, the different gradients flying across in waves behind everything, it all ties together in a crazy, psychedelic way.

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2021-07-21''Right Angle'' 100% (Demon) by Dashiell10 [3 Coins] | Geometry Dash

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