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Shadowgate (1987)
Duration: 3:13:47

Shadowgate on PC Mario Covert

- Please make sure to keep this stream PG as possible. Mild swear words must be kept to a minimum. If overused the mods has the right to time out or ban you if it becomes out of hand
- Please do no spam in the chat, we try our best to keep the chat clean and maintained for others and our mods
- Try your best to make sure to provide us with a full complete comment without posting one or two words at a time as this can be hard for us to read your comments
- Avoid overusing emojis in chat or overusing text versions of emojis
- Please be kind to others and avoid directing verbal attacks towards others, mods have permission to auto ban you if this should happen
- Please do not ask to be a mod, mod rights are committee use only
- Do not self-advertise in chat, mods are permitted to time out anyone when this is seen in chat
- Please have fun and enjoy the stream

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Currently, Acme Studios has 116 views for Shadowgate across 5 videos. His channel currently has around hours worth of content for Shadowgate, making up less than 0.78% of the total overall content on Acme Studios's YouTube channel.