Skyrim: I need it.

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WARNING! This content is Rated Adult/Mature. This channel has Edgy/Dark/Stupid humor, Not for those without intelligence or Commen sense. Viewer's must know the difference between Jokes, opinions, basic information. Take everything you hear an or see online with a planet amount of salt. I am not hear to babbysit you'r children. Im dicking around while streaming with friends an will curse an say whatever. Theirs no censorship an its adult's having fun. Youtube is not responsible or share my view's for my opinions or agree with what i say. Something's are out of my control so be adult's about it. ( please donate to a charity/Fundraiser you trust to help other's. Also you can post those charity's or fundraiser in the comment section for other's to find.) Warning will not be held responsible if you are scammed. Please check it out first before you go through withit.

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