Spinal Breakers Longplay (Arcade) [QHD]

Spinal Breakers Longplay (Arcade) [QHD]

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrHHki67L_Q

Duration: 22:52
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Developed by Video System and published by American Sammy Corp. in 1990

So this is pretty much another Cabal clone, albeit one involving shooting "Hildroids" (zombies, basically). The production values were higher than I'd expected; there's something particularly satisfying about the shooting, especially when collecting a drum magazine or shotgun rounds, and the ejecting brass is a neat touch.

Other than that, there's little that's remarkable about the game. It does what it sets out to do, and it's reasonably entertaining while it lasts.

Some observations:
1) Captain Waffle bears a passing resemblance to Michael Biehn (very much a Corporal Hicks vibe)
2) You collect and eat what appear to be waffles to restore Captain Waffle's health
3) Waffle's gun looks like a tricked out British SA80 bullpup in the cutscenes

00:00 Attract mode
01:04 Stage 1: Europe
03:20 Stage 2: China
06:30 Stage 3: Russia
08:10 Stage 4: Greece
11:02 Stage 5: Egypt
14:02 Stage 6: Japan
18:22 Last Stage: America
21:12 Ending