WWF WrestleMania Longplay (Amiga) [QHD]

WWF WrestleMania Longplay (Amiga) [QHD]

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Duration: 35:31
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Developed by Twilight and published by Ocean in 1991

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I was never a huge fan of wrestling growing up, but it was difficult not to get at least a little bit caught up in the excitement around iconic power-house wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

I must admit I was pretty underwhelmed with WWF WrestleMania when I played it on my real Amiga, back in 1991. For reasons I can't quite fathom, I recall I really used to struggle with the game as a kid, and despite a few dalliances, it was never a title I bothered to play much at all.

30 years on, I really don't see what the problem was; it's so easy! Playing on keyboard definitely helps, where it's considerably easier to hit a couple of keys when grappling, rather than trying to waggle a crappy Quickshot joystick, but even then, it's pretty easy to slug your opponent into a bloody pulp without too much hassle.

In fact, the matches proved to be so easy, I think I spent more time in the loading screen/pre-fight slanging matches than in the actual ring. Oh, and I don't think the choice of response has any effect on the fight itself, at least not that I could detect; it's just fluff and filler.

Short, boring and lacking any real pizazz, there's really very little to recommend this game. Sean Conran's music is pretty cool, and I guess the graphics are OK, but this is a LONG way from, say, Midway's WWF: WrestleMania arcade game - THAT'S how you do a wrestling game.

I originally recorded a single playthrough using Hulk Hogan. It was all over so quickly, I decided to replay the game with both Ultimate Warrior and British Bulldog, so use the chapters to skip ahead if you want to view those fights, although I skilled the pre and post match dialogue; the retorts are the same. I also included the losing screens/insults when you lose a match.

Coding: Andrew Swann
Graphics: Martin Severn, Noel Hines, Wayne Billingham
Music: Sean Conran

00:00 Main menu
02:09 Hulk Hogan vs. Mr Perfect
04:45 Hulk Hogan vs. The Warlord
07:26 Hulk Hogan vs. The Million Dollar Man
10:14 Hulk Hogan vs. The Mountie
12:54 Hulk Hogan vs. Sergeant Slaughter
17:02 Hulk Hogan Ending
17:11 Ultimate Warrior playthrough
17:32 Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr Perfect
19:12 Ultimate Warrior vs. The Warlord
21:09 Ultimate Warrior vs. The Million Dollar Man
22:23 Ultimate Warrior vs. The Mountie
23:47 Ultimate Warrior vs. Sergeant Slaughter
25:50 Ultimate Warrior Ending
26:00 British Bulldog playthorugh
26:23 British Bulldog vs. Mr Perfect
27:33 British Bulldog vs. The Warlord
28:32 British Bulldog vs. The Million Dollar Man
29:34 British Bulldog vs. The Mountie
30:38 British Bulldog vs. Sergeant Slaughter
32:03 British Bulldog Ending
32:53 Losing screen: Mr Perfect
33:19 Losing screen: The Warlord
33:48 Losing screen: Million Dollar Man
34:07 Losing screen: The Mountie
34:59 Losing screen: Sergeant Slaughter


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