🔴 [STREAM ARCHIVE] Jackbox Party Games! Come Join! - 5/2/21

🔴 [STREAM ARCHIVE] Jackbox Party Games! Come Join! - 5/2/21

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTusTpt7my0

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Today we're playing some party games including those from The Jackbox Party Packs. Come play with us!

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$1.50: FBI OPEN UP
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$1.65: IT'S A TRAP!
$1.70: I am Cornholio!

Full games list:


Use Your Words

Party Pack 1:

You Don't Know Jack 2015
Lie Swatter
Fibbage XL

Party Pack 2:

Quiplash XL
Fibbage 2

Party Pack 3:

Tee K.O.
Trivia Murder Party
Quiplash 2

Party Pack 4:

Fibbage 3
Survive The Internet
Civic Doodle

Party Pack 5:

Patently Stupid
Mad Verse City
Split The Room

Party Pack 6:

Trivia Murder Party 2
Joke Boat

Party Pack 7:

Quiplash 3
Champ'd Up
Blather Round

Chat Rules:

1. No hateful discrimination.
2. No advertising.
3. Don't spam or flood the chat.
4. No spoilers.
5. Please keep backseat gaming to a minimum unless help is requested.
6. Don't ask to be a mod or how to become a mod.
7. Absolutely no discussion of politics, religion, or current hot-button social issues.
8. No calling for raids.

Time for a stream! The name in the top left is the current stream boss! The HP of the current stream boss is lowered by subscribing, donations, super chats and channel memberships. The person who knocks off the last of the HP becomes the new stream boss until they are defeated.

The Chatbot will award you coins for sitting in the stream and these points are used to play chat games and trigger things on the stream. Chatbot commands can be found below.

Feeling greedy/generous? Try these.

!steal [Steal coins from a random person... if you're successful.]
!give [Type !give NAMEHERE AMOUNT to give coins to someone]

These are games that you can play to earn more points. They cost 50 coins each to play.

!boss [initiates a boss fight. The more people who join, the better your chance of success.]
!heist # [starts a bank robbery. Replace the "#" with the number of points you want to use as entries.]
!challenge # [Will challenge someone to a dual. Replace "#" with the name of another person in chat.]
!ffa [Will put you into an arena with everyone else who types the command. It's like battle royale text. Many enter, only one leaves.]
!steal [Steal coins from a random person... if you're successful.]
!give [Type !give namehere amount to give coins to someone]

These are stamps you can stamp right onto the stream. They cost 50 coins each.

!stampf [Will stamp a big F onto the stream for a few seconds. F to pay respects!]
!stampvictory [Will stamp a big SUPREME VICTORY onto the stream for a few seconds. I succeed... sometimes!]
!stampgitgud [Will stamp Git Gud onto the stream for a few seconds. Sometimes people need to be reminded.]
!stampowo [OwO]
!stampuwu [UwU]
!stampheel [H E E L]

These are images/sounds you can put on stream and cost 100 coins each to use.

!woomy [Woomy!]
!what [JonTron WHAT]
!passed [Passed screen from GTA]
!smugdance [Hat Kid smug dancing]
!reeee [The REEEEing frog! It's 4 E's]
!mlg [For epic gamer moments!]
!youdied [Dark Souls "You Died" message]
!plan [It's all part of the plan! Have some faith!]
!goose [Honk!]
!prettygood [Hey, that's pretty good!]
!ko [The K.O. message from Street Fighter]
!alreadydead [Omae wa mou shindeiru]
!temcannon [A cannon that shoots... a Tem]
!goodjob [GOOD JOB!]
!shantae [Shantae dancing!]
!tobyfox [Woof]
!peck [Hat Kid saying P*CK!]
!kirbrun [Kirby just having a run!]
!fancy [Little Misfortune saying FAANNNCCYYY]
!yikes [Little Misfortune saying YIKES FOREVER]
!objection [OBJECTION!]
!dusa [Dusa from Hades flies off-screen]
!oof [OOF! From Mario 64]
!kirbfly [Kirby flying!]
!areyousure [It's JOHN CENA!]

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