Streets of Kamurocho Runs (All characters)

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Duration: 25:07
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Streets of Kamurocho was released today, as someone who grew up with Streets of Rage and loves Yakuza, of course I had to cover it!
The game is simple, it's essentially the first level of Streets of Rage 2 with a Yakuza coat of paint, and everytime you finish it, you restart it and it gets a bit harder. The three characters play identically, like Axel in SoR2, the voice clips are the same too.
But they do all get their unique music!
00:00 Startup and Kiryu Round 1, with a 16-bit remix of Funk Goes On.
06:38 Kiryu Round 2, just to show how the game gets a bit more difficult.
13:50 Majima Round 1, with a 16-bit remix of Receive You -The Madtype-.
19:34 Ichiban Round 1, with a 16-bit remix of the Ijincho Battle Theme.