Tales From The Retroverse: CORRUPTION - Part 8

Tales From The Retroverse: CORRUPTION - Part 8

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5rBRruU_s8

Duration: 2:03:28
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The Grid Master (GM):
Kevin (@Kevinha753)

The Players:
Hera as the Rock Rai Onyx (@HeraHex)
Saege as the Ember Rai Demona (@Saegefhang)
Scotty as the Trog Druid Gurk (@Scotty_h00d)
Vex as the Aasimar Henshin Solitude (@vexxiehexxie)
Luke as the Wo'nari De-Fragger Cyberus (@Prime_Xenophile)
Altaziel as the Eternal Rai Henshin Tomo (@Altaziel)


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