Team Fortress Classic: Source - Release 1.0 - In need of help

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How To Install - Delete old version before installing new version.
To play the mod you need just have been installed in Steam Team Fortress 2. This game can be found in Steam Store and it is freeware to play. Then you need to download the mod. When it is finished downloading, open "tfc.rar" archive with WinRAR program. You will see "tfc" folder in this "tfc.rar" archive. Extract it to your "sourcemods" directory, for example - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods". When the extraction progress finished, quit and restart Steam. In Library you will see "Team Fortress Classic: Source". Left-click on "PLAY" button.

In need of help.
I need a mapper, who can port original Team Fortress Classic maps to the Source Engine.

Type in console sv_cheats 1 and then tf_bot_quota 24.

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