TF2 Invasion Alpha - Cut Content - One Year of Beta Maps - 2014

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Team Fortress 2
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TF2 Invasion Alpha - Cut Content - One Year of Beta Maps - 2014
Video by AymericTheNightmare & Childeric_Bantu
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TF2 Invasion is an early build of Team Fortress 2, and was leaked in 2003, along with HL2 Beta.
This build was reworked and published by "Team GabeN".
The excerpts in this video were shot in 2014.
I tried to show a maximum of weapons, creatures and maps contained in this build.
Four maps are present:
"test", "proto_2fort_tf2_dx60", "testroom_andy" and "proto_arctic", a well-known map from HL2 Beta.
The video is a bit old, maybe I should do a new one one day...

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