The 13 Strongest Anime Characters And the 13 Weakest

The 13 Strongest Anime Characters And the 13 Weakest

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The Most Powerful and Weakest Anime Characters

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The sheer amount of power amongst anime characters is incredible. If you ever wanted to step to some of these anime characters, it’d be a pretty difficult fight. However, on the other hand, there are some characters that anyone could take on. They don’t even have the sheer power to hold a textbook. You can’t take any of those types of character seriously because they can’t make themselves a threat.

Which ones are we thinking of? Well you don’t have to worry about putting a list together. We already did! We found both ends of the spectrum and compared characters to give you a list we think you could enjoy. Maybe we’ll have one of your favorites, maybe we’ll pick someone you absolutely hate. You’ll just have to watch the video to find out our picks, so just sit back, relax and get ready to argue with your friends.


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