the best competitive game that nobody plays competitively

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Team Fortress 2
Let's Play
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I love TF2, but maybe not for the same reasons that you do. #savetf2

If you’re interested in this side of TF2, check out some resources in the description!

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intro song is vervid! - untitledmellowbreakcore
song during the FROYO vs RONIN section is All For Now by LudoWic

Q. How can I play TF2?
it’s free on steam:

Q. How do I get my game to run better/look better?
Default TF2 settings are HORRIBLE. Seriously unplayable. Use this to create a graphics/net config (dw about the addons) You can find a custom hud here to make your game prettier/cleaner.

Q. What is the 1v1 gamemode at 5:43?
MGE. You can find some public servers on, but you’re probably best off finding a friend to 1v1 with.

Other similar gamemodes include:
Pass Time:

Q. How can I try competitive TF2?
There have been a lot of pick-up-game sites/systems that have come and gone, but the big ones coming soon™️ will be RGL pugs and FACEIT pugs. I’ll update this when they finally come out. For now, you can try:
LEAGUES: the main NA competitive league European League Australian League AsiaFortress

PUGS: NA Newbie Mixes, designed to introduce new players to 6s fundamentals every Friday. 500 hours in-game required, low quality pugs EU pugs. Pugs meant for new players take place every Friday at 18 CET! - tf2cc, hosts open-level pugs for NA and hosts resources for new players


steam://connect/ Experimental pub server that I'm hosting (paste the link into your browser or paste "connect" into your in-game console)
Competitive classes only, competitive mappool, and an item whitelist. Just a pub server without all of the silliness that makes casual TF2 what it is. Hoping this will give people a taste of what competitive TF2 is like in a low stress environment. No crit, no spread pubs
- NA Casual is playable now and there are endless pub servers you can find in the server browser for normal pubs.

ROCKET JUMPING: Try jump_academy if you’ve never jumped before!

Q. Is 6v6 the only competitive format?
No, there are a few other formats that people play, but are less popular:
Highlander (9v9, one of each class):
Prolander (7v7):

Q. Doesn’t TF2 have P2W weapons?
Most of the time stock weapons are the best choice, but for the few cases in which there are other options (soldier melee, medic crossbow, etc.) you can exchange your items for other items at

Q. How can I learn more about competitive TF2? basic comp tf2 fundamentals
there aren’t a whole lot of general comp tf2 videos out there, you might have some luck looking for demo reviews or map reviews, or just watch some matches if you’re totally new!

0:00 This is TF2.
3:03 So, let's talk about TF2's skill ceiling...
5:16 Which of these players has 15,000 hours in movement?
6:37 If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a rocket.
7:37 How good can you get at rocket jumping?
10:30 How hard is the aim in TF2?
12:35 it is called TEAM fortress, after all.
15:05 Who is the best player of all time?
19:12 What happens when the GOAT becomes the underdog?
24:10 Why do we still play this game 15 years after its release?
26:17 If TF2 is both accessible and skillful, why is the comp scene so small?
28:03 Would you regret having 10,000 hours in TF2?

comp tf2
competitive tf2
team fortress 2

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