The Division 2 Spotter Pulse Super Tank Shield Hybrid Pistol Build Skill Build

The Division 2 Spotter Pulse Super Tank Shield Hybrid Pistol Build Skill Build

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The Division 2
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The Division 2 Spotter Pulse Tank Shield Hybrid Dps Skill build gameplay

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Which Specialization should you pick?

Before we go through the pros of every Specialization, it’s worth noting that you aren’t locked into a Specialization once you pick it. If you change your mind you can swap out to a different one, as well as transferring your unlock progress, too.

This means that there’s not really much to lose from trying one out over another, then swapping if you’re not sure.

Each Specialization is based around a signature weapon:

Demolitionist – Grenade Launcher
Survivalist – Explosive Crossbow
Sharpshooter – .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Based on these, you could call the Demolitionist the run-and-gun-style class which uses a combination of devastating explosions, mobility, and fast-firing weapons to take out enemies.

The Sharpshooter is best for a more considered, long-range approach. Survivalist is a little bit different, giving you new ways to heal allies in your group as well as some strong buffs to popular weapon types.

Each Specialization also has its own skill tree of buffs, which synergize with the signature weapon.
Demolitionist New Skills and Modifiers

Incombustible – 20% more burn resistance
Explosive Ordinance – +25% explosive damage
Vital Protection – Reduce incoming Critical chance by 20%
Demolitionist Tactical Link – Group members get 5% damage buff against targets out of cover
Frag Grenade – New grenade that cause bleed damage
Diceros Special – Access to a Magnum revolver
Gunslinger – +10% sidearm damage
Signature Weapon Damage – +145% Signature Weapon Damage
Spray and Pray – +15% SMG damage
Onslaught – +15% LMG damage
Small laser pointer – A new underbarrel attachment
Artillery Turret – A new skill variant for your Turret skill
Cyclone Magazine – Increase Turret ammo
SHD CPU V2 – Increase Turret damage
X-Stat Armor Kit – Heals 70% damage, boosts weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds, after those 15 seconds, heals another 30%
40mm Grenade acquisition – Kills with thrown explosive yield signature weapon drops
Group Signature ammo supply – Explosive multikills have chance to yield Signature ammo for whole group
Crisis Response – Refills ammo when armor drops to 0
Braced for impact – Ignore an explosive once every 60 seconds
Demolitionist Uniform – Unique outfit

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