The Monsters can hear my mic and I hate it | The Classrooms - Tapes 1 and 2

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If SCP and The Backrooms had an unholy baby, The Classrooms would be the gaming equivalent of that. This game was genuinely creepy and scared me more times than I would like to admit. I think having to stay quiet since they could detect my mic levels made it, even more, spookier since I had to actually quit yapping and was immersed in the tense atmosphere. We encounter many entities like the Cursed Doll, the Cloaked Figure, and Screecho the Clown.

According to Steam, "The Classrooms is a procedural, liminal-space, found-footage, survival horror game. In 1996, Robert Chen took his VHS camcorder to the newly-condemned local public school to investigate the disappearances of multiple students, including his younger sister. However shortly after entering the premises, he finds himself lost in a senseless and seemingly infinite maze of halls and classrooms. Discover the contents of the tape he left behind. Explore The Classrooms and discover the various anomalies it contains; from malicious entities, to harmless oddities. And remember, it's different every time you play, so your found footage is uniquely yours."

Thank y'all for watching my The Classrooms Tapes 1 and 2 gameplay!

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