The Next Generation Of VR Is Here! & Oculus Is Having A Go!

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I won't lie to you, I think today is my most exciting video when it comes to VR News to date! Simply because I think we are entering a whole new generation of VR Headsets. As most of you probably know, the HTC Vive Flow was released today and it's not entirely a competitor to the Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, I would say this headset is in a whole league of its own. HTC Vive has focused on the form factor here and this is where I think the next generation of VR is heading. That isn't all though, I have more news for you regarding Pimax joining the fun of events this October and Oculus working on a super slim device comparable to the HTC Vive Flow that we don't know much about just yet! I hope you enjoy the video :D

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Next-Generation VR
0:48 HTC Vive Flow - Amazing Idea, Worse Execution
1:32 HTC Vive Flow Unique Features
3:06 The Vive Flow Specs
5:19 Where The Problems Begin
5:49 Tracking
6:35 The Controllers
6:43 SteamVR
7:39 You Can Cast Your Phone
8:15 What's The Wire For
8:35 Vive Flow For Media Consumption
9:14 It Could Be More
9:57 My Conclusion - This Was The Beginning
10:06 The Price & Release Date
10:54 This Isn't The End
11:07 Pimax Joins The October Race
11:30 Oculus Working On Next-Gen VR
13:32 Outro

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4 days agoThe Next Generation Of VR Is Here! & Oculus Is Having A Go!