Tinkering About! - Hammerhelm - Part 11

Tinkering About! - Hammerhelm - Part 11

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Hammerhelm (2017)
Duration: 47:24
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Welcome back to Hammerhelm! In this episode we upgrade to jade armour and build a new tinker's shop!


The Dwarves of the HammerHelm Clan dream of living above ground, under the sun and clouds. As their Champion, it is up to you to help them establish their home and guide them towards prosperity. But this new land is filled with danger and your town will face many challenges.

Something dangerous is stirring in the storehouse, keeping the workers from delivering their resources. The sewers you built last week to help the town remain clean - goblins have moved in and are using it as a base of operations. The farms have become poisoned and won't yield crops. And the Tavernkeeper has heard rumors of a Necromancer building his tower nearby, plotting to attack the town.


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