Ubisoft Next Time-lapse

Ubisoft Next Time-lapse

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcadYsbrcEM

Duration: 23:03
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This is a time-lapse of my ubisoft next submission, edited for public

I own a premium license for The 29th Planet album, which all the songs in the video are a part of. I do not own any of the music tracks myself, all rights to the music belong to the composer Nicolas Jeudy and Dark Fantasy Studios.

Music in the video is the following songs:

0:00 Planet Hell
2:49 Demons from Mars
5:39 Ghost of Phobos
7:34 The 29th Planet
9:26 You are better off dead
12:32 Haunted Spaceship
12:48 BFG 9000
17:22 Alien Smashed
19:30 Behind Space