Underrail (again) – Part 27 | Fishin and shoppin (can skip this one)

Underrail (again) – Part 27 | Fishin and shoppin (can skip this one)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwIWHv1R9kU

Underrail (2015)
Duration: 50:07
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An incredible, extremely long, very punishing isometric RPG game developed by Stygian Software. This game became one I loved playing a year ago – and I got to the end game twice! I can not sing this games praises enough – it scratches that 'old school difficulty' itch that I have for TBS combat games, and allows a bit of character customization for your enjoyment as well.

In this playthrough we create our character – Gabriel Angelos, the Commander of the Blood Raven Space Marines. Armed with sledgehammer, combat stims, and his power armor it falls on him to explore and ultimately save the denizens of Underrail.

btw – here's the link to the current build I am planning with him (as of 12/25/2019): http://underrail.info.tm/build/?HgsEBgoEBQYAZADCoAAAAF0AAABuwoFjZG4AAAAAAMKgfDkoLUQSUk9jL0UAJFVgwrZ4fOKckALin4QB4qOSBeKjkwXip4IC378

Curse Jar total: $4.00