VR Sunday: 10 Cupcakes (Closed Beta)

VR Sunday: 10 Cupcakes (Closed Beta)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq5A-KkSUD0

Duration: 16:29
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[FULL DISCLAIMER]: I was given a steam key to this game by the devs, in order to test it and give feedback to them for further development. I am not paied by or associated in any other way with the devs.

Closed Beta footage from 10 Cupcakes, the first VR game from bulgarian based Developer Repulse. Have fun!

In a dystopian future, mind controlling aliens rule the earth. The game offers a motion controlled VR experience that includes. Punching people in VR, Riding Flying Vehicles, Boss Fights, and an interactive VR strip club. Playing 10 cupcakes will require both a VR headset and VR motion controllers.

Link to the dev's website where you can watch the trailers and get more info about this game: https://www.repulse.com/

Intro music: "Warrior of the Night" by Aero Chord
Outro music: "Android Talk" by Aero Chord

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