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Want to become a better player? My goal is to help you, with a combination of analyzing my own games and some rather rough criticism aimed at both myself and others.
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In my last commentary of this T9 Soviet ship I called it strong. Now I focus less on the details of the ship itself and more on how to play it....
2019-04-21 5:48:15 PM ● 567 views ● 21:00 100.00% liked
Hey, haven't posted on youtube in a while, but just wanted to let you guys know that Twitch are running a campaign where people watching the...
2019-04-18 4:19:55 AM ● 13,929 views ● 15:29 96.30% liked
Sovetsky Soyuz [WiP] - Strong T9 - Also CV Poll & TwitchCon Confirmed
The Soyuz has a clear set of strengths and weaknesses. Great guns, fantastic traverse and AP penetration and a huge health pool with great armor....
2019-04-08 3:18:47 AM ● 29,126 views ● 14:18 97.54% liked
Neustrashimy [WiP] - V2 - Less Zombie, More Balance
Since the changes from my last commentary is just a small tune down in healing power, I figured I'd spend this commentary showing HOW I play...
2019-03-22 12:21:56 AM ● 27,071 views ● 23:01 98.15% liked
Highlight: KoTS - TWA vs RT - The Crazy Game
A highlight from the playoffs yesterday, featuring two favorites, TWA taking on RT. The game was played on the small map of Shards and ended...
2019-03-18 3:15:58 AM ● 27,518 views ● 22:18 97.65% liked
USS Montpelier - It's A Cleveland!
It's hard to make anything special about this one, it's literally a slightly modified Cleveland. So instead I made the commentary about light...
2019-03-16 5:10:52 AM ● 33,360 views ● 23:29 98.06% liked
Highlight: KoTS VIII - 5D vs NJOY [Casting]
A pretty special game from yesterdays KoTS VIII Qualifiers, 5D from Hurricane taking on NJOY from Typhoon. Not the type of ending you would typically...
2019-03-11 4:40:35 AM ● 21,334 views ● 20:53 95.97% liked
Highlight: The Essence Of Weekend
A clip from my stream from tonight while playing the Vladivostok, the upcoming soviet T8 BB. Weekend gameplay at its finest. If you want to see...
2019-03-09 2:28:57 PM ● 30,296 views ● 9:45 95.07% liked
Highlight: Space Battles V2
A highlight from my stream, a look at the new game modes and maps in the new Space Battles format available on the public test server.
2019-03-07 5:32:20 PM ● 33,707 views ● 24:27 95.93% liked
USSR Sinop [WiP] - Too Much For T7
The T7 Soviet Battleship Sinop is certainly no pushover, great armor, great health, good concealment, great guns, great speed. Downsides are...
2019-03-04 6:08:12 AM ● 49,388 views ● 23:17 97.21% liked