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Want to become a better player? My goal is to help you, with a combination of analyzing my own games and some rather rough criticism aimed at both myself and others.
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USS Wichita - Not Baltimore, But Not Bad
The T8 USS Wichita, an American Heavy Cruiser Premium, is not a bad ship by any means. Very agile and stealthy, it can absolutely be a solid...
2019-02-16 6:32:33 AM ● 20,482 views ● 22:03 98.13% liked
Neustrashimy [WiP] - T9 Soviet Zombie
The upcoming Steel Soviet T9 DD, the Neustrashimy, surely has earned its name the "Fearless" / "Dauntless" in its current...
2019-02-15 4:55:48 AM ● 31,996 views ● 29:12 97.71% liked
Highlight: Grozovoi Gameplay & Build
People requested I post this on youtube. Not a very special game, just how I've played the DD ever since the patch as well how to build it. The...
2019-02-12 4:06:01 AM ● 18,940 views ● 24:54 96.95% liked
Highlight: Soviet BBs First Look & New PTS Animations For Radar & Hydro
As this highlight of my stream was greatly requested, here's a look at the upcoming soviet BBs from T6 to T10 as well as the a peek at the new...
2019-02-08 4:41:12 PM ● 42,714 views ● 1:05:44 93.64% liked
Montana - A Whole New Meta
0.8.0 with the Hotfix is here, and it certainly has its share of issues. This completely new meta has however given a rise to new builds to shine,...
2019-02-08 3:26:30 AM ● 51,221 views ● 27:31 97.49% liked
Highlight: Indomitable - Sky Conqueror
Continuing the line of the other RN CVs, this upcoming T8 Premium Carrier is ridiculous as well. I call it sky conqueror, and if you watch the...
2019-02-03 5:51:18 AM ● 42,378 views ● 16:32 95.07% liked
Highlight: T8 RN CV Implacable
My very first game in the Tier 8 Royal Navy CV Implacable. Seems almost as silly as the Audacious, I don't see these torpedo bombers surviving...
2019-02-01 3:45:35 AM ● 24,319 views ● 20:32 94.87% liked
Highlight: T10 RN CV Audacious
A highlight from my testing of the upcoming Royal Navy T10 Carrier Audacious. Sure seems questionable, had a 7 kill game later in the evening,...
2019-01-31 3:42:05 PM ● 40,129 views ● 18:21 95.37% liked
Highlight: Soviet Battleships First Look!
A highlight from my stream where I take a first look at the developer blogs with the recently announced Soviet BBs! Looks interesting for sure,...
2019-01-25 3:25:37 PM ● 51,667 views ● 22:12 97.74% liked
First Impressions
Highlight: Viewer Replay Analysis - Mega Edition
A segment of replay analysis I did on my stream, covering replays my viewers linked me in chat, varying from DDs to Cruisers to BBs. Some informative,...
2019-01-25 2:45:42 AM ● 21,291 views ● 1:55:02 98.29% liked