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About alecandstuff

Hello, I'm Alec! I make videos about games that often take the form of reviews, discussions, and highlights! Feel free to share your love of gaming with me! :D

I started this whole Youtube prospect a few years ago and had a LOT of fun making and putting together videos that I thought were funny and made me either laugh at or proud of what I had created for myself. So I started posting them online and through some experience and further encouragement from friends and family, I'm still here and still having lots of fun! So stick around if you wanna join in on the fun with me :)

Keep up with what I'm up to! :)

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The REAL Mario Party! | New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Extra lives? In THIS economy?! Today we're diving back into the world of #NewSuperMarioBrosUDeluxe, and hopefully not dying a bunch! Come join...
2019-01-14 8:35:16 PM ● 116 views ● 2:14:10 100.00% liked
Nintendo in 2019 Predictions/Discussion! (feat. Proxence)
2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Nintendo, and we're starting off the year with a nice and lengthy discussion with our good friend Proxence!...
2019-01-11 8:20:31 PM ● 147 views ● 2:24:28 100.00% liked
ELITE SMASH! 3M+ GSP Lucina Main | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
We're getting competitive tonight with some more Elite Smash in #SmashBrosUltimate! Your local 3M+ GSP Lucina Main climbs the online ladder!...
2019-01-10 10:27:51 PM ● 172 views ● 3:33:27 100.00% liked
Frosty Fest is Here! (Viewer Games) | Splatoon 2
It's the frostiest, festiest time of the year! Tonight we will be inking (frosting?) turf for the first time in a while as we explore the new...
2019-01-04 11:38:02 PM ● 199 views ● 3:00:25 93.33% liked
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)
I Challenge My Fate...and YOU! (Viewer Battles!)| Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
First of the year! Tonight we're starting 2019 with a SMASH in some #SmashBrosUltimate battles vs YOU! Step in to the ring, and see if you can...
2019-01-04 12:27:14 AM ● 173 views ● 3:45:38 100.00% liked
Ending 2018 with a SMASH! (FINAL Stream of 2018!) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
This is it, our FINAL live stream for 2018! Let's end the year in the most ULTIMATE way possible....with some Super #SmashBrosUltimate matches...
2018-12-30 11:50:25 PM ● 260 views ● 3:50:22 100.00% liked
ELITE SMASH! 2.3M+ GSP Lucina Main | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Tonight it's Lucina vs the world, we're headed into some Elite Smash in #SmashBrosUltimate! Come join us as we climb the ladder of competitive!...
2018-12-28 11:12:05 PM ● 208 views ● 5:04:25 100.00% liked
Step in to the Ring! (Viewer Games) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Now that the holidays are over, you know what time it is...smash time! Come hangout, chat, and test your skills against ME as I fight against...
2018-12-28 9:32:46 AM ● 142 views ● 4:11:43 100.00% liked
Holiday Stream 2018! (Viewer Races) | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
The holidays are upon us! Grab yourself a warm cup of egg nog or whatever it is people like to drink, and join us for some casual races in #MarioKart8Deluxe!...
2018-12-20 9:02:52 PM ● 481 views ● 3:43:47 95.00% liked
Viewer Games, Spirits, Classic Mode & More! (Anything Goes) | SMASH WEEK: THE FINAL DAY
DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY! Join us for the FINAL day of Smash Week, today it's anything goes! We'll be doing everything from Viewer Games, Spirit...
2018-12-14 10:21:12 PM ● 127 views ● 6:19:40 100.00% liked